Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Prima Ballerina!! maybe not!! BUT, L loves to dance....and is pretty good at it! She has been in a 16 week mini session that will end next Tuesday...May 6th! She was the youngest in her class! She looks ssssooooo cute in her "get-up".....The studio was very specific as far as colors of shoes, etc......The first part of the class is ballet, then they do a bit of tumbling, and they end the class with tap........L begs every week to keep her shoes on when we leave...apparently it is tap-shoe rule..NO TAPS ON THE CEMENT!!! I guess now that the session is ending, and her feet are growing...I will let her walk out in her shoes next week.....and I have a feeling there will be a whole lot of tappin' going on at home since she will be allowed to play with her shoes now!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I"m a big kid now!!!

Well..L is officially a big kid! :(.....Her crib is transformed to a full size bed...and her glider that we have rocked in every now in my bedroom!..She said , "I"m big, and I"m I don't need to rock anymore!"....We have had ddrrraaammmmaaa getting her bed set up...long story! M rented a U-Haul Saturday morning and went and picked up her hutch ....Her dresser/changing now a big, beautiful piece of furniture! I love all of the shelves she now has to put all of her "stuff" on. The bedding looks very all turned out..FINALLY!! It is the perfect room...I find myself going in there just to look around ;)