Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

11 years......hard to believe!!

I am so grateful to have a wonderful husband that I am still very much "in love" with....that's probably why these past 11 years have flown by! We went on an anniversary date last weekend while my mom was here..she watched Lauren for us....Thanks Mangie.:) We saw "The Happening" and then went to eat at "The Monument Inn"...yyuummmyyy seafood and great atmosphere....right next to the San Jacinto Monument. We just got back in from lunch and visiting a local Farmer's market...which turned out to be a joke.........stopped by Blockbuster and rented 5 movies...L was excited to pick out 5 as well! Woo-Hoo...Time for nap......then the movie marathon will begin.:)

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Lauren and I went to Michael's(the store) this afternoon to pick up a few things...L was being so patient while we were in line. It was our turn to checkout,she was paying close attention(staring) to the mom and daughter behind they walked away, she looked up at me..."Mommy, why do everybody have butts?!".....The cashier busted out laughing..and I was trying sssooo hard not to laugh.....I finally got tickled..and couldn't help was priceless!!! The funny thing is, we say hiney, bottom, still not sure why she chose "butt"and of course she had to say it the rest of the night...because she knew how hard I laughed when she first said it.....out of the mouths of babes......:).

Monday, June 9, 2008

Swimming lessons....

Today was L's first day of swim lessons...ever! I told her on our way there that I wasn't going to be able to stay...but that I would be back to watch her at the end. Not that I didn't want to stay, but the teachers ask that you leave so that the kids will not be distracted by the parents on the sidelines. It was hard to leave her...but I think she will get more out of it without me there. She did tell her teacher, "I'm getting frustrated!!"..apparently the water on her face was bothering her!..:) and she wasn't able to get out and get a towel.....She was excited when I came back..she showed me how she could hold onto the noodle and kick her legs.....and how she could float on her back...and blow bubbles...and kick from one teacher to the other(in very close range)..I was impressed for her just being in the water for an hour and 15 minutes! Her homework was to practice putting her face under the water wearing her goggles..during her bath....she told me, "I will show you how to get my body wet..not my face!" ..we'll see.:) (You can double click on the pictures for a better look)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Summertime..Summertime..Sum..Sum.. SUMMERTIME!!!!

 is officially H-O-T!!!!! L begs to go outside all day...but I am afraid she will burn!! We wait until it "cools off"( like that's possible)...and then we go outside.......and the fun begins!! She loves playing in her sandbox with her pink sand.......and playing in the water....actually, I think it's choosing her bathing suit of the day that thrills her the most.:) Her princess "water-sketcher" (hopscotch) popped...but they assure us another one is in the mail!! So, we bought this Wiggle-water-worm to keep her cool for the time being....she likes to wiggle too when the worm is on...sooo cute!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Glamour Girl Headshots

How cute is she?!?!..Follow the link(her name right above) and you can see just a few of the other headshots she had taken! I kept telling her how we were going for her "headshot"..she got a worried little look on her face.."Mommy, I don't want a head-shot!"....after I explained it was a picture..she was fine with it.:)