Thursday, January 29, 2009

aLwAyS tHiNkInG!!!!!

L has a great imagination that never ceases to amaze us. Her latest obsession...
She has found every roll around the house, and has "needed" it for something very important!!

Tonight she set up a "birthday party" in her playroom...we had to put on pajamas...I was already in comfy clothes...but they weren't good enough for her party...she went into my bedroom and brought out a pair of Christmas p.j.'s for me to change in to..and, I wasn't fast she took off my shirt and put my p.j. top on for me.....we were ready to head to the playroom to play
Pin the "donkey on the tail"
(that she made with dive rings, tape and paper)
I stepped into the kitchen while the other guests(stuffed animals) were getting ready...L told me we needed a "band-aid" to cover our eyes so we couldn't peek...I told her we would be fine without a bandana.....and then she steps into the kitchen...LIKE THIS........
WITH SCOTCH TAPE ON HER EYES...whatever works!!
I needed a good laugh!!

L -"Look Mom, I'm blind!"
(layering her p.j.s....tinkerbell on bottom and an 18 mth. pair of pajamas she found for herself to put on top...they were about 5 inches too she snapped the top..and left the bottom part open.."like a jacket" she said

OH..and another neat trick she has started...rubbing her chin when she is thinking like the Imagination Movers do...NICE!...and yes, I laughed at that too!!

Showing me ..
"If you need to see-"DO THIS!"
taking her turn at pin the "donkey on the tail".....and yes, you guessed it...we used tape tails to pin on the dive ring donkey that's what I call a great Birthday Pajama Party!

P.S- This is my 93rd post...quickly approaching 100!! woo-hoo..I know all of you blog stalkers are excited.:)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

They call me the Fireman...that's my name....

well, actually we had to call her FIREGIRL!!
Today was Community Helper day at school...and L wanted to dress up as a here you go....

Is she not the cutest!?!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Tale of 2 silly girls!

I don't know who is cuter...little Despereaux?
or these 2 silly girls?

We met up with the Martin girls last Sat. 1/17 to see
"The Tale of Despereaux"
L & A were so excited to be there together seeing a movie!
After giggling and running around like crazy girls in the lobby...we headed to the theater...They made it through the whole movie ...except for a few potty breaks.....and then were ready to get out of there...
BOTH wanting to be the leader of course! Hard to believe that A will be 3, and L will be 4 in just a few weeks...look out February, here we come!!!

Sk8er girl!

We had a great time celebrating B's 8th birthday today...Skating, pizza, cupcakes, games and gifts...what more could you ask for? OH, and even the Skating Rink's mascot Roller-Rufus stopped by for a visit..


M wanted to re-live the 80' he threw on a pair of skates....L decided she would help him since we helped her when she put her skates on...too sweet! He was so quick on his feet, that I wasn't able to take a picture of him whizzing by, backwards skating or "shooting the duck"....I was waiting for "couple skate"...but, it never happened..maybe next time.:) OK..not really, but the good news is...he gave it a valiant effort, held on tightly to the wall...and never fell! :)

L had the best time on the wiggle racer...she wasn't too sure about the whole skating thing....but was a pro on the wiggle racer ...and did a great job participating in all of the games with the "big kids"....and hopefully takes a nice long I can too..:) I think I hear Sk8er boy snoring already..zzzzz

Friday, January 23, 2009

Build-a-Bear..and new clothes to wear...

We met Nonnie at the mall today for L's 4th b-day build-a-bear.....she had fun "building" her....BUT, didn't want a "sound"in her bear and didn't want to "pump-it"...(stuff it)....She held her ears the whole time "Bailey" was being stuffed! The name Bailey came out of nowhere...I"m sure her name will change several times..but for Bailey...

yes..she decided to "pump-it"...she has very sensitive ears.....there is always drama involved with the self-flushing toilets.....I have to put my hand in front of the sensor...and keep her from touching the seat all at the same time...yuck!

(Double click for an enlarged view)
You can see Bailey, Lily Marie, and the new duds!!
After b-a-b we went to Gymboree....L got 2 of the new sweet spring dresses...and the hook-up on some great deals...leggings-2.99...shirts-1.99 and 4.99..skorts-4.99...sweaters...7.99...OMG!!! AND to make the deal even better....Nonnie bought it all for L as part of her b-day gift...all I had to contribute was a $25.00 gymbuck....SSSWWWEEETTT!!
Thank you Nonnie!! Looking forward to our new wardrobe and Bailey!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Please stand still so I can take your picture!

Crazy kid! L looked so cute when she went to MDO today...I wanted to take her picture when we got home....she looked so grown up...but as you can tell by the pictures...she's still just an almost 4 year old!>:)

What do you get when...

you leave a 3 year old unattended......
L was watching a "Max & Ruby" DVD in our bedroom...winding down before she went to sleep (Sat. 1/17)....M was on the computer...and I was downstairs watching tv..did I mention I was watching she was up wwwaayyyy past her bedtime.........She was so excited when she came downstairs to show me her princess make-up that she put on her self...........and, was even more excited to show me how she folded my body pillow in half, and stacked M's 2 pillows on top of that to make a little stool to get the make-up off of my bathroom counter.:) If you'd like to make an appointment with her, I"m sure she would give you a make-over as well.:)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


July 2006
My crazy little "noodle-head"....L could live on Ramen noodles....breakfast, lunch and dinner.....we always tell her she is going to turn into a noodle...oh how she loves her "yellow noodles"
Guess what she had for lunch today...NOODLES!!.
Enjoy this little noodle montage.:)

Oh how I miss the days of food being thrown at me..while she was in her high chair!.:)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Signs..signs...everywhere there's signs!!

NO really...there are!!
Most of the signs are "open" signs!
..on the entertainment center
...on the back window the kitchen

..another on the entertainment center

..and a big grouping on the laundry room door...I don't know what she is more obsessed with... MAKING the signs..or hanging them with TAPE!..Hhmm

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Radio City ROCKETTES!

We had a wonderful family date night this evening (Fri. 1/2)
We all went to the Toyota Center to see the
"Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring The Rockettes"

My mom and I saw it 5 years ago when we went to NYC...I bought an ornament that I've put on our tree each goes in the "don't touch zone"...L was excited to actually go see the "leg-kicking-ornament girls"
* PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY were NOT allowed...but I was feeling like a, I turned off the flash and snapped a few pics...AND used the video function on my camera to take a few video snippets too...sshhh, don't tell! I saw many others doing it as well!
My favorite dance...They were all dressed as toy soldiers...and a cannon "shot" them at the end....they fell in very slow motion until the whole line was was AWESOME! (sorry the pics are in reverse order) was amazing watching how steady and precise they were...

Showing off her program...and she "needed" a Rockettes Barbie too!(yes, she got it)..oh, and cotton candy...but M and I had to feed it to her because she didn't want her fingers to get sticky...she was in princess mode!!
All of the sets were amazing..or should I say
L said "HOLY COW!!" when all of the Santa's appeared
Her barbie is wearing this costume!
L enjoyed the show so much.(really, despite the fake smile)...we did too...snow, fireworks, Santa, dancing, ice skating, flying...AND REAL CAMELS TOO!! SERIOUSLY...during the Nativity was awesome....sheep, donkey, camels....crazy, crazy!!!