Monday, December 28, 2009

anyone out there??

Things have been crazy around here:
10 days @ Disney World
(yes,in that order...crazy, I know!!), we're still here....hoping to blog soon....
anyone out there????

Monday, October 26, 2009


Thurs. 10/15
L and "the twins", A & B...met at MDO when they were all in the 2 year old room...and have been the three amigos since then....the twins just celebrated their 4th b-day at Disneyworld and brought L a "Th*ing 3" go with their Th*ing 1 and Th*ing 2 that not the cutest gift ever!?!!? they were all so excited to wear them to school...and looked so so cute! I picked them all up from MDO, and we went to the Pumpkin Patch and McDonald''s obvious that 1 & 2 are twins.....but more than one person asked me if they were, nope...not the dark headed one.....they are so cute together, and L tells me they are triplets....these girls love to be will be sad next year when they are still at MDO..and L is in Kindergarten..shh..I don't like to talk about the K word!!!

L would make sure they were in order when we were walking anywhere....a little ocd..:)
B & A
B told me..."Your thing 4!"....which I thought was pretty cute!

so cute!

Friday, October 23, 2009

How did you spend your Co*lumbus Day?

This was our day.....
the water continued ...even after I turned off the main supply.....

our front yard was SOAKED....

lovely....everything was finally corrected around 4:30 p.m.
P.S....don't take your water for granted....
L and I couldn't go anywhere since we hadn't showered...
I couldn't do laundry...
or run the dishwasher...
but the good news...I didn't have to cook dinner!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

D*ewberry F*arm 2009

October 11,2009

Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch....

The weather was drizzly and nasty ...

the ground was muddy......

the crowd...

not there!!

We all came back with muddy shoes and jeans....but, we were able to see and do so much while we were there.:)

L was getting so tickled while she was sweet

L did a little mining while we were there...

she was too funny...she picked out the rocks she wanted...then left the rest...when we turned in her little strainer box the lady even asked her if she wanted what was left...

so cute rinsing her rocks to see what all she found

pony ride....she was the only one..and loved it!!!

this crazy girl...she started at the front of the little bus...(This is the back...but you'll get the idea)..and would pose in each window...and tell me "okay..take it like this!"

On the hayride back from the patch....she knew exactly was kind of pumpkins she wanted... was cold!

sweet girl....sweet day...sweet memories!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dew*berry Farm



a little over 40 inches...what a difference

Imag*inat*ion Mov*ers Concert 2009

October 18,2009
Verizon Wireless Theater

You know my girl is going to have a themed, I ordered a t-shirt ahead of time...and sassed it up...complete with bling and glow in the dark paint....and ribbon sequins in her hair to match...she got so many compliments...

she looked so cute!

This was the sea of people outside waiting to get in....this picture doesn't do it justice....the concert was supposed to start at 1:30..we got there right around 12:45.....and the doors opened at 12:30....and yes, this was the line of people who already had tickets....started around 2:00.......we twisted are turned in the line for about 30 minutes..ccrraazzy!!

Daddy and L anxiously awaiting...she is sporting her wo*bble-g* Mo*ver Sc*0tt!

really enjoying the concert!!

After the concert...we hung around for a bit....just in case....and boy were we lucky...
L and M*over R*ich

Mo*ver Smi*tty

Mov*er Dav*e picture next to him after an autograph..:( One of the guys in charge told Dave it was time to give a quick wave...L was SSSSOOOO sad...he was literally turning to her to sign her shirt...My girl was sad that she didn't get him to sign her shirt like the others had..:(

Mov*er Sc*ott
she said his hair tickled her face when he hugged her

Afterwards at the Hard Rock Cafe....
wearing the pink shirt she got at the concert...
posing of course!

Our free dessert after waiting sssosoooooooo long.....our food was given to another all paid off in the end.....

DAVE's signature on the shirt??!!
Our waiter was asking what L's shirt was...I told him...he said they had just come in and were seated.....and he would walk us to their table...because they weren't allowed to talk to any we were leaving...we casually walked to their table....they were giving their drink orders....we weren't stalkerish or dorky...just whipped out the shirt....and told Dave what happened...and, he signed the shirt....and boy, was my girl EXCITED!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Fri. 10/8
I received a sample pack from CVS/Kotex in the mail on Thursday. It was a cute little box with a few "samples" and coupons enclosed. L had soccer practice, so I got her ready..then sent her downstairs to play while I dried my hair...within a few minutes she came running upstairs and was ssoooo excited....she had found some new "lipstick" to play with.....
"Mommy, green is my favorite color and blue is Daddy's favorite did they know?"
(as she is grinning from ear to ear holding the tampons)
These pictures are in reverse order...
She was mad when the "lipstick" came out and she couldn't get it back in
aahh...she had opened her new treasures...and was even more excited to find purple "lipstick"

I was trying so hard not to laugh...she was frustrated that there wasn't any lipstick on the "lipstick", she found a small container of lip gloss...and used her new "lipstick" as an applicator....and was so sweet to share with me.:)

SEE...I told you she was excited!!!
** she used to call them flowers....because of the design on the no, I didn't correct her and tell her what they really were...I figure it will be here soon enough...

Being a songwriter is exhausting...

Friday 10/8
Friday was a lazy day at home...and we needed it...L always asks "what do I have today?" she was excited to stay at home....until her evening soccer class. SO...she took advantage of being at home, and her playroom....funny how I was cleaning it, while she was playing..since there was more room to play...hhmmm...She decided she would write a song....I didn't notice the song until I put the piano back on the shelf......What do you think of the song??

And this is something that RARELY happens anymore...I told her since she had soccer..and got up early...she would need to have some rest time......She was out within a few minutes...and slept for over 2 hours....I guess all of the playing and song writing wore her out!!