Wednesday, September 30, 2009


L just asked the other day if we could go for a pedicure...
look at my tiny girl getting her nails sweet!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Joe's CRAP Shack

I went to the Dr. today to go over my MRI results(performed last week) from our July crash...not fun...physical therapy will resume again next week for 2.. possibly 3 weeks....3 x per week.....and then I will have Epidural Steroid my vote is to go ahead with the injections so I don't have to drive to and from Houston 3 x a week...but, don't think that was an option!.BOO!!
M is moving offices...and trying to put out a zillion fires at work...and hanging on by his fingertips...and stressed..stressed..stressed!!
L, well she just can't get over the fact that the Massage Therapist I see during physical therapy is getting married....he is 29..she is 4...but she wants to marry him! She will tell you she is MAD that he is getting is too cute!..but that she will just marry her Daddy instead!
SO..we all decided to throw everything aside...and meet for lunch at Joe's Crab Shack
L grabbed a pack of wipes, and said
"I can read this...Joe's CraP Shack!"
it was too funny
and she also let us know..
"Um, the reason I don't want my broccoli, is I"m not really a big fan of broccoli anymore!"

Yes my child is 4 1/2 and still has 3 of her 24 month onesies that she always wants to sleep in....don't ask me?! If they aren't in her pajama drawer, she will run to the dryer to check for one...crazy, I know! (yes, they still fit!)
She spotted a "wan-zie" at the little gift shop area.....
the largest size available was an 18 mth... you have it.:)
She had to make a princess hat before she went to bed....a piece of paper "in a cone" with tissue paper taped to it for the "ribbon"...I thought it was pretty creative.:)
modeling her hat and onesie

I told her to look at me so I could take the picture
"NO..will you take it..I want to look over there!"
WOW! teenage years should be fun.:)

Soccer Time!!

Today was L's 1st day of S*occer*tots.....
she was registered for a class that didn't make...
and the only other class she could attend was Fri. @ 5:30.....
so, we bit the bullet...tried it to see how the time was, and how she would do.......
well, looks like Friday's at 5:30...through November.....we'll be at soccer.:)
L was SO excited to go to her class...
and even more excited when we told her Miss T might be in her class......
these 2 are a hoot together......
there were 3 kiddos in the class tonight....
these 2 crazy girls, and one little boy....
let's all say a quick prayer for him.:)
getting ready to leave...I wanted to take a few pics....she looked so cute in her pink jersey and soccer bows...and of course, she had to guessed it...Pose!
L- "Mommy, I need a number on the back of my shirt."
"Am I going to win a trophy for soccer?"
"Here, take one like this!"

M usually works llaattee on Friday...but, was he was able to watch too!
That girl loves her some Daddy!!!

The good thing about the whole re-vamping of the classes..
these 2 being able to be in class together...
L and T both had a good time...and worked up a sweat!
The girls both loved their coach..and the class...they worked on several skills..and were all smiles during the class...oh, let's all say a quick prayer for the coach too!
Friends Forever!
L and T hit it off in Gymnastics...and have been thick as thieves since then...hard to believe they weren't even 2 when their friendship began....they pretty much ran the class..and the coach back then....we'll see if the same holds true in soccer.:) hhhmm....

they both had to strike a pose...
then I had to take a picture..
these 2 girlies crack me them to pieces!
P.S- Let's all say a quick prayer for the Mommies....
who have to listen to the pinging of batting practice...on both sides of the soccer area...the whole time during class...ggeezz! The things we do for our kiddos!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

neck pillow=serious sleeping

Sat. 9/19
* After a very long day...and staying up waaaayyy past her bedtime...L finally went to sleep...she always has to "stack her pillows like Daddy does"....I went downstairs to watch the end of Saturday Night Live(I told you it was wwaayy past her bedtime)...and M came downstairs looking for my camera....she apparently needed her little neck pillow too......which she usually just plays was too cute...she was propped so high up...and was so still and peaceful...and snoring like a grown man....aaahhhh

***MAKE SURE YOU PAUSE THE MUSIC ON THE RIGHT OF MY BLOG BEFORE PLAYING THE VIDEO....I guess because I used to my camera to record didn't pick up the sound real well.......I had to turn my speakers all the way up...but can hear.:)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What is it about the ringing of the ice cream man's truck...

that sends us all into a tailspin?
We have heard the truck for the past few days...
but it has been during dinner time...getting ready for bed...or something...
he has been coming by late....
today was a different story..
L was playing in her playroom when she heard THE song...
SO, we ran outside...he was passing our house...she was screaming ..
He didn't stop...she can in crying..
Daddy to the rescue...they grabbed the car key and tried to hunt him down in the neighborhood..
L came back in, got undressed, and was going to start playing dress up...WHEN..
what do we hear?? THE music...AGAIN!!!
SO..Daddy ran outside to catch him..
L got dressed...
she was hurrying as fast as she possibly could....
Mommy grabbed the money...
we were SO going to get him!!!
..and off we ran out the door..
and Mommy got so tickled!!!
L had put her shorts on...
BUT..both legs were in one of the leg openings...
it was too funny the way she was running...
kind of like the way you walk when you try shoes on at Target that are "connected"
We laughed and laughed...and then....
(Pictures are in reverse order)
I got so tickled taking this picture...notice the t-shirt....inside out and backwards..
(with her tattoo work on her arms)
he was out of bomb pops, so she settled for an ice cream sandwich
hhmm...what looks good?!
what should I choose?
(with her tattoo work on her leg)
check out the the Dora panties poking out of the top of her shorts...soo sooo cute!!!
P.S...She took one bite of the ice cream, and decided she didn't really want was the thrill of the hunt she was after!

MDO Silly socks and hat day..

Thurs. 9/17
S Day at school
Silly socks and silly hat day
...and a silly face to go along with it.;)
the best I could do ...couldn't find the silly socks I was wanting..oh well...she still had fun and liked her socks...that's all that matters.

2 napping parents =

Sun. 9/13/2009 time with Mommy's camera..:)
Apparently when both of your parents are sawing some serious logs during nap's best to have a "party in Mangie's room"
and document it with photos.:)....
L was supposed to be napping the looks of it...

not much napping was going on!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of MDO...2009!

(First Day of MDO-2007)..notice the doorknob...she is so close...then look at this a difference a few years makes...from sweet baby big girl.:(
(FIRST DAY of MDO..2008)

Um excuse me....where did my baby go?!?!?!

Tues. Sept. 8,2009

L LOVES going to "school"....but told me this morning..

"Mommy, I am happy at home...and I am sad at I think I should stay home!"

She shed a few tears...but had a good day.:) She was trying to be so can tell in this picture she had been crying.

We did have a little shoe drama this morning...we picked out her clothes last, bows and all....the sweetest little navy Mary you can see, she wore her tennis shoes....

I got teared up after taking this picture..

she looks so big...

and I know next year..


will be here in the blink of an eye!!

and of course...she had to strike a pose!

**L told us tonight during dinner..."My friends at school are boring..and not I think I should stay home!"....silly girl!!


Monday 9/7/2009
Once you pick your jaw up off the ground...since I"m actually blogging..:)
L has been talking about playing soccer for such a long time.
"When I"m big, I'm going to play soccer like Dora and Max!"
She talks about it A LOT!!!
SO...we decided to see how she would do...after a quick trip to Target...
we had a ball, socks, and shoes....
she wanted a helmet too..but we told her that was for a different sport! :)
She was a natural...we couldn't get over how good she was at kicking the ball, you guessed it...we'll be signing up for soccer...we're still looking around...she is going to try out a class at Soc*cer*tots.....stay tuned..

(pictures are in reverse order)
Red cheeks from playing hard
"I"m good at soccer...but I need to take a break from my practicing!"
such a hoot!

And away she goes...