Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So much for the fancy feet!!

(the text is big...because it was a scream!)

We came home from dance, and I was changing clothes....L came up to me and said ,
and was giggling...until she saw the look of horror on my face...
I didn't say anything, and within seconds she bolted and hid under the dining room table...sobbing! She immediately wanted to take a bath to try to wash off the...

She is in the tub now scrubbing away...she told me she needed private time....we'll see about those toes ....don't worry, I am in the next room, I can hear her, and she is's all good.:)

P.S.- Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that yesterday was full of excitement, she went to bed a bit after midnight, woke up at 7:45....played with all of her new toys all day...also had dance today...and has not had a nap!!?!?

Birthday dinner at "Cracker Bear"

After her power nap, and opening all of her gifts...we asked L where she would like to go for her birthday dinner......she chose Cracker Barrel...aka "Cracker Bear"
After we finished eating, about 7 of the waiters came to sing to her.....she did not like it...she kept her head down...playing with her leapster...M was able to make her look up..but she was not happy about all of the "loud singers"! She told me it made her "nervous"!

L and BeeBee enjoying her new dot-to-dot book

Merry Birthday..Happy Christmas..?!?

Isn't Christmas in December? Apparently L had another Christmas in February...oh wait, it was just her birthday!!
And the sad thing is, all of these presents were just from Mommy and Daddy...and Mommy stashed several things was just too much!

L was so excited about her "pet kitchen"
L wanted to save all of the "pretty Dora paper"

Her new puppy.."Biscuit"...he really responds to your commands....kind of creepy how realistic he is....
(and no, I didn't pay that much for him)

getting the last of her gifts


L rrreeaaallly wanted the "pet kitchen" we hid it behind her pile of toys

Some of her other gifts were:
2 new Leapster games
A real laptop
Several Barbies
A tiny puppy with a cage(toy)
Play-Doh Caddy
new clothes for "BeeBee"
A Tinkerbell/Sleeping Beauty "Wii wanna be" type of game ...very cute!
hhmm...and other things that I can't even remember off the top of my head....all I know is that it looked like a wrapping paper war zone after she tore through everything!

"Mommy, Daddy, Daughter party"

She can spell and write her first and last name, dial her Mangie's number long distance, but the concept of "real birthday" and "birthday party"...well, I give up.:) Maybe next year.:) We explained to L*aure*n that today was her "real birthday", the day she came out of Mommy's tummy....and that we were going to have a special day, just the 3 of us!

Standing in front of her bedroom door.....there were also balloons going all down the stair case when she woke up...she loved it!!

After putt-putt we came home for birthday cake....Barbie...L was so excited...and even said,
"I need to make a two sing....the birthday girl doesn't sing!"

sweet little her!!

Happy Birthday!!
stay tuned....present pictures tomorrow!!

4yr old fun at the FuNhOuSe!!

*oops...these pictures are in reverse start at the bottom..then scroll up.....if you want ;)
Anytime we pass the Putt-Putt Funhouse, L talks about how she would like to go there. She has actually been, but doesn't remember..she was not even 2!
SO, we decided we would take her there for fun and lunch! She had pictures from about 9:30-10:45 ,and did a great job! to the funhouse we go...
NOW..she likes "Funsit"..check out the bag of loot!
One of the sweet workers asked us if we would like to take L upstairs to take her picture on the birthday wall...apparently this is something they do during b-day parties....but since we were there with one other family...I think L had a special privilege!..and how could you pass up this cute face!!

OH YEAH..Momma hit the jackpot!! Seriously, I don't even know what the actual number was, but when I realized what I had was at 976....I was determined to win L tickets...she had just told me, "Mommy, I wish I had a lot of tickets like Taylor!"

feeding the machine

L- "WOW...look at all of these tickets! Holy Cow!"

L and Daddy playing air hockey...she won both times...imagine that.:)


I think avoiding the dodgeballs on this game is what triggered a major power nap....4:00-6:30....and only woke up because we started making noise!

Not so sure about "Funsit"

How do you celebrate your last day as a 3 year old?

Feb. 9, 2009

A mani/pedi and chocolate cake of course!!

L and I went on a mommy/daughter date, while Daddy stayed at home dealing with contractors....gggrrr....

L decided she "needed" orange fingernails...and pink toenails.....she did a great job.......she had a flower painted on each of her toes...and her thumbs too! She was watching the lady like a hawk, and was quick to point out when she "messed up"....but hey, for $23...I"m glad she did notice the mess-ups......She sat so patiently while I finished up....We were the only customers in there! How nice...and, they also offered her a piece of chocolate cake!

1 piece of chocolate cake, 20 fingers,20 toes, and $81 later......Mommy and L both had cute toes!

*P.S.- it will be our last mani/pedi for awhile....yikers!!! 100th post!!

There's a lot of celebrating going on around "birthday" wish.....
a little comment, anonymous or not...
let me know there are "others out there listening"
Blog Stalkers....let me know you're out there.;)

Fun at A's 3rd b-day par-TEA..)

L dressed up in her royal attire, and attended Aver*y's princess tea party on Sat. feb. 7th. She had a great time celebrating with all of the other little princesses. The birthday princess had a great party...cookie decorating, tiara and wand decorating, a real tea party, games, sugar, sugar, and more sugar! The Queen Mother planned a wonderful party.:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday L*a*u*r*e*n!!!!

WOW...I just peeked in on my sleeping "baby"...and then it hit me.......she will wake up a 4 year old!! Where has the time gone? I swear Mich*ael and I just got married......then had our years of heartache trying so hard to have a baby........then 4 years ago, our world changed!!...and these 4 years have been the best 4 years of my life! I know everyone always says that, and it sounds so cliche....but truly, I have loved being able to stay at home to raise my sweet girl!! ..sure, we've had our days.......but when I look back over the past 4 years...I only think of all of the fun we've had...and have yet to have! So, before anymore time slips away.....

Dear La*ure*n,
Daddy and I always knew we wanted to have a baby..and would love our baby more than anything. People would always tell us that we wouldn't know how much we would love you until you were here, but we knew that we already did.....boy, were they right...we just thought we loved you........but our lives changed for the better the moment you were born!! We went through a lot to have you, and I wouldn't trade any of the shots, (well, maybe), drs. appts., surgeries, etc...You were worth every penny and tear we shed through the years! And I realized when I had you, and held you..that's what everyone was talking about!!!
You were born at 6:11 a.m....and weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces......I didn't get to hold you until around 5:00 p.m. that evening...and I was determined, wheelchair, epidural, catheter and all see my baby! The first time I held you, I knew, I would do anything to protect you and make you happy..and that is what I have tried my best to do these past 4 years..Daddy has too!.:) We love you so much Booka-Boo! Here are some things I never want to forget about this past year:

1. You showed us that "3 was the new 2"
2. You love to have "family day"..when Daddy is off on the weekends
3. You know your address, phone number, and can spell and write your first and last name
4. You can write all of your letters
5. You can count to 100
6. You love going to "school"
7. You have 10 grand daughters
8. You blame everything that goes wrong on "SuSu"
9. You have 3 "friends" that you talk to...SuSu,TuTu, and Camrafee
10. You are so cute how you say "Doc-ster Pepper"
11. You are funny
12. You say "sirsty" for thirsty...which reminds me you are still little
13. You love your swankies..and sleep with them every night
14. You love to watch tv..sometimes it's a battle when we turn the tv off
15. You love doing crafts
16. You love to shop...especially at Target and the mall
17. You love your ballet and tap class...and are a really good little dancer
18. You melt my heart when you say, "I love you, Mommy"..just out of the blue...several times a day!
19. You are very sensitive and tenderhearted
20. You and Daddy like to sing and dance to "Men in Tights"
21. You eat so many Ramen noodles..that we tell you that you are going to turn into a noodle!
22. You like to talk on the phone...hhmm..genetic?
23. You ARE Spidergirl!
24. You complete us!

*This list could go on and on......but I'll stop here! A dear sweet friend shared this quote with me a few days ago...and I love it....and it is so true..

Before you were conceived,
I wanted you.
Before you were born,
I loved you.
Before you were here and hour,
I would die for you.
This is the miracle of love.
Happy Birthday 4th L*au*ren!
I love you, Mommy
(oh, and I used all of the * in our names...just in case someone "googled" our names)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the V.I.P tour..., I had to sneak into "Bubble Boy Zone"to get to the laundry room to iron...
here's a behind the scenes tour...

what, what?! I can't hear you!!! OMG...this was way too loud for me...not to mention the sheetrock that was blowing into my eyes while I was passing M his ironed clothes to him...through the zipper...seriously!!

another peek

the "house" was built with these snazzy poles, plastic, and staples that are all around the top

the leaky pipe culprit..gggrrrr

OH..and if you double click on this can see the zipper entrance....fancy!!!

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had a leak...

that dripped for 2 days...


well, no need to wonder any longer...

here's your answer....

and no, this isn't the Bubble Boy's house...IT"S OURS!!!!!!

living room ceiling..
about 3ft x 8ft rectangle/hole...
could be bigger..
I just poked my head into the "bubble" real quick!

bedroom baseboard removed...
to allow the 2 fans in our room to blow into the bathroom...
yes, they are loud!!!..
did I mention they would be here until at least Saturday...
hopefully we can just tune out the sound....
did I mention the workers will come back daily to check on everything.:)

(can you see the nice hole?)

Is it wrong to go to happy hour after you drop your child off at Mother's Day Out?
wait, it would only be 9:00 a.m......
well, here's to hoping..:(
Is it wrong to pick your child up from Mother's Day Out, and THEN go to happy hour?
wait, it would only be 2:00 p.m. ..
and you would have a child with you! GGRRR.....
Have I mentioned that L's b-day is Tuesday?!?!
Have I mentioned that I hate having to deal with workers?
Have I mentioned that I have a giant hole in my ceiling?
Have I mentioned that our bathroom is out of use?
Have I mentioned that I...wait...I think it's happy hour somewhere...I'm outta here!!
(not really..still here...but can't a girl dream!)