Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rodeo Fun...Yee-Haw!!!

March 16th
(WARNING.. a lot of pictures in this post..and out of order of course!)
L and I went to the Livestock show and carnival..we had a wonderful day together!!!!

cotton candy
The infamous cooking show man!!!!
(you know the one!)


L got tickled in the petting zoo...the goats kept chewing my shirt!

aww...Swifty the swimming pig!

L loved how tiny he was!

ready for the pig races...OINK!

riding Sarah the pony!

at the Farmer's market

L-"Um, Mommy...that wasn't a real cow..AND it wasn't milk..it was water!"
can't get anything past her!

planting seeds

fishin' time!
L was my personal cheerleader at the other games
and oh yes, Mommy won the prizes!!

Thanks Carniman for rescuing my girl!

almost there..but just didn't want to do it!

After DisneyWorld...she's a pro at riding rides!

She made it the whole day...we got there around 11 and left at 8..what a little trooper!
ice cream with sprinkles...all of our loot tied to the stroller...we had to ask for a plastic bag to carry all of the stuffed animals we won!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Easter 2006

My sweet girl was just a little over a year old....
I LOVE this picture....I remember telling them...
"We're going to buy the picture...even if she is crying...so, take it!"
Mean parents...I hope she doesn't need therapy when she is older...
the following year...she still cried...and remembers it!
"Bunny, we've got a screamer!"...is what the little photographer said as we were forcing L on the EB's lap....and she would tell us
"Bunny...got a geemer"
We're planning to go Wed...I think this year she'll be fine.:)
But,either way..
.I"m buying the picture.:)


On Sunday 3/29 we visited Froberg's Farm in Alvin...for a little strawberry pickin'!
(ok..these 2 are obviously AFTER we got home!)

open everyday 9-6
we bought a lot of yummy fruits and veggies
And to answer your question...NO..I didn't go buy this shirt ..she already had it..how perfect!!
L was looking for the perfect strawberry

sweet little hand


a girl on a mission

I think she found the perfect one...

ready to go weigh..

my baby is getting so "Berry" big!!!!

Lookin' Good Dilated Hollywood!!

L had an appt. on Fri. 3/27 with a Pediatric Opthamologist.
At her 4 yr. check up...she "scored" a 20/40 in each eye on her vision test...
so, they suggested we take her for a more accurate test.
We knew she was fine...but we made an appt. and went anyhow...
20/20 in each eye!!!
I was a bit apprehensive about her eyes being dilated..
.but they wanted to do a complete test...
just to be sure.:)
Her eyes weren't completely back to normal until Sat. evening..which was a bit creepy..but everything is fine now.:)

The "sunglasses" they provided to protect her eyes...didn't have ear pieces...so she wore my sunglasses on top to hold them in place...while we were in Zio's!
L didn't want to bend her face down....she was afraid that the glasses would fall off and/or the light would hurt her eyes...so I fed her...I"m sure people thought she was blind!

wouldn't you?

She is still the cutest thing I have ever seen...glasses and all!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I know, I know, I know...

Why haven't I blogged?!?!?! M installed the software on our new computer tonight...so, now I can download and upload pics from my camera.......and blog.;) We had a fun Spring Break....L and I enjoyed a llooonnnngg day at the livestock show, had a St.Patrick's Day play date, ballet/tap class of course,park play date...enjoyed a volcano at the Rainforest Cafe in Galveston......had a few excursions to Target..our favorite.:) and much more...enjoyed having a MDO free week together.:) OK..pics tomorrow..Momma needs some sleep!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sign..what sign? The Wildflowers in the Wildflowers!!

It appears this sign was ignored....

Don't let the innocent smiles fool you.:)
The Martin clan enjoyed the Bluebonnet patch also...
A and L enjoyed running around like crazy girls...who has time for pictures, when there are wide open spaces to chase each other?!?!
Now that you are asking yourself...
"Did they really let them trample the bluebonnets?"...
the answer is no..
Don't you know threatening a 3 and 4 year old still works..hehe..just kidding!
The girls had fun running around.....a few bluebonnets may have been trampled..but not on purpose...just maybe re-trampled ....but none were picked...we all know what happens if that happens...
Bluebonnet Patrol comes out of nowhere to arrest you..or get you..something like that!

..and besides,
when you're as cute as these two..
You can bend a few rules.:)
Looking forward to going again next year...maybe our models will be a little more cooperative.:)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


We went and took pictures on Wednesday 3/11....I wanted to beat the rain and cold front. I didn't think it would be much fun taking pictures in a wet field of flowers.....so, we came home from ballet....changed into something a little more appropriate...the black leotard and bun weren't cuttin' it! And away we went....to Friendswood.:)

You want me to sit where??
How cute is this sign?!?!
...love the handwriting...
and the container at his gate....is a little round tin can on a chair....
we were the only ones there for a few minutes...then several other cars arrived.

L-"Mommy, take a picture of this pose!"

"and this pose!"

My sweet girl!

I think I had to bribe her with a cookie or ice cream to get her to smile...
whatever works!

worth a shot...
you think the sun may have been in her eyes?