Thursday, April 30, 2009

I wanna be a Cowgirl....

Wed. 4/29

L-"Mommy...I need some jeans to wear!"
K-"Why do you need to wear jeans, it's hot outside?"
L-" So I can wear my Daddy..I know how to loop it!"
K-"Here you go!"
(the first pair I gave her wasn't right...tossed to the side....after the right jeans and a few minutes of frustration trying to "loop-it" like Daddy does...she gave in, even though she's "big"..and let me help!")
L- "Mommy, now we need to find Daddy's cowboy hat so I can be a real cowgirl!"
(Daddy's "cowboy hat" being a Panama Jack-ish hat he got when we went to Hawaii)
K-"Okay, let's go find it!"
L-" What do you think Mommy, do I look like a cowgirl?"
K-"The cutest cowgirl I"ve ever seen!"
And that my friends is how you make a cowgirl....complete with a Dora necklace..and perfect "ending pose"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

National Infertility Awareness Week 2009!

I never knew this week existed....having "been there and done that" for soooo many years, it is encouraging to know....I saw this video on another blog...and wanted to share.:)


Oct. 29,2006
I miss that little diaper butt....
not changing the diapers...
just the sound and sight of L running around in a diaper.......
she LOVED getting in the window.....
her hair was starting to grow..finally!
hard to believe that a year ago today...she arrived.:)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Little Fashionista!!

Those of you who know me, know that this is vvveeerrryyy out of the ordinary....L usually matches from bow to toe...and her outfit is neatly ironed.BUT, this was one of those days...that I didn't fight it.....I had a migraine...took medicine, napped...felt a bit better...about 70%., but we HAD to run a few quick, I told her to get ready so we could go to a few stores...
Her ensemble consisted of :
1. Tight spiderman pajama top..(that she slept in the night before)
2. Size 24 mths. skirt (too small..and wrinkled)
3. Turquoise headband ( which made me want to sing "Let's get physical"..and run in place...Olivia Newton-John flashback)
4. "High-Heels"-her brown sandals that were bought to go with her fiesta dress(don't mind the fact that they are too small...and her toes were dragging over the ends)
5. AND...unbrushed hair, unbrushed teeth..and, no bow!
YES, we got a few looks...mostly grins....she ditched the headband after awhile....said it "made her hot and sweaty"......BUT, errands were was nice to get out of the house...and I wouldn't trade my little pajama top wearing, toes dragging ground, headband wearing girl for the world.:)


L was so excited today when a commercial came on today.....
L-"See Mommy, that's what snack I want at my house...that's what I've been talking about....look...Dumpkin-Huns!!!"""
(and licking her lips after she says it)
She has asked for Dumpkin-Huns before....but I told her I wasn't sure what she was talking about...she told me it was on tv...I told her to point it out to me next time she saw the,today was our lucky day!!!
Here you have it
DUMPKIN-HUNS Brownies....Yummy!!
So, tomorrow while she is at MDO...I will be stopping by Target..and picking up some brownies for us to make when she gets home!
My girl is a chocolate lover!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


June 13,2007
Splashing around at the Houston Zoo

Where did this 2 year old go?
I love doing Way Back Wednesday posts....but I also hate doing them..
The reality of L growing up always hits seems like we were just at the zoo...I can remember her giggling, and splashing around in the water...I love that I have been able to stay home with her...and make so many good memories for us....but, can't someone invent a pill....or a shot...that I could give her...I want her to stay little forever!!! Before I know it, she will be in Kindergarten..and the thought of that...well, we won't even go there!! Gotta go kiss my sweet girl while she is asleep...she'll be grown and in college before I know it!

It's not easy being this cute...

..and it's not easy getting a picture of this child...without some sort of pose involved....L wanted to wear pigtails to school today....these pictures were taken this afternoon....they were so cute and curly this morning...
(Tues. April 20)

( can double click on the pictures to enlarge them)

where are my blog stalkers? playing dead?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Family time at the Kemah Boardwalk...

Mon. 4/20
** Have I mentioned that I LOVE my new cell of the features is a camera...I wasn't too impressed with the pictures at first because they all looked blurry to I didn't really use it....M asked me one day how I liked it, told him I didn't....and he said I might like it better if I took the plastic lens protector now..I LOVE it.:) I forgot my camera today...but thanks to my trusty G-1, I was able to capture our memories.:) (did I mention that I LOVE my new cell phone so much..that I went over by 1200 minutes..and my phone bill is $703.03..but tmobile reduced it by $ now I'm down to $603.03,,,have I mentioned I am taking donations..LOL!)
*** M's aunt and uncle are in town visiting. We were supposed to meet them Saturday in Kemah...but, the rain got in the Grand-mere brought them to Kemah today...and L and I met up with them for lunch...then M called..and was able to join us as well....We had a nice visit...lunch at the Flying Dutchman..and ice cream and beignets....we visited for a few hours...then they were headed back to SugarLand....and L reeeaaalllyyy wanted to ride the rides...I think she only asked about 47 times

This was our first post-Ike visit...the carousel is now a double-decker carousel...first time we'd seen one of these
we rode the train...and were all nervous at first...didn't want a repeat of Kemah-crash 2007

who is this 8 year old posing with her Daddy?

L- " I am NOT afraid of tunnels!"

riding the Red Baron ride


so cute!

L was very eager to ride on the "top" part of the carousel

M, Aunt Betty, Grand-mere, Uncle Paul and L

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Disney on Ice!

APRIL 17 (Friday)

L was so excited to go see "Disney-Ice". The Easter Bunny brought her a pair of tickets...knowing that her Daddy would have to work it was a mommy/daughter date. We had VIP Dining Seats...which included your choice of chicken strips/fries or a personal pizza...and a drink....and a 2nd drink at intermission.......Since the show started at 10:30, we asked if we could have our intermission drinks first...and our lunch at intermission.....We ended up having our own table...which was nice...L LOVED the show!! I loved watching the joy on her face! LOVE that girl!!! I can remember going to see "Sesame Street on Ice" and "The Smurfs on Ice" as a child...I know this was the first of many "on Ice" shows she will see.:)
(and once again, these pictures are backwards...but it is too late, and I am too tired to redo them...I bet you'll get the idea.;0 )

"posing" with Flounder...L wore this dress when we went to WDW in was amazing to put her in it again...she has gotten much taller....the dress was ssshhoorrrt..but hey, we had to get one more wear out of it.:) Anyone going to Animal Kingdom anytime soon..need a 3T dress?
The show was 2 hours long...then we stopped by the Galleria for a few hours afterwards....she was such a trooper....she fell asleep on the way about 3:45.......and yes, Flounder went shopping with us too!

The Grand Finale-
The Lion King, Lilo and Stitch, The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan....L liked all of the "acts"...but Lilo and Stitch was her least favorite

Captain Hook and his pirate ship

Clapping with Peter help save Tinkerbell..."clap if you believe in make-believe"...

Captain Hook

You can can can fly!!!


Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy were also part of the show

YES...we bought a $10 watered down snow-cone
L-"Mommy, this isn't really tasty!"

enjoying her cheese pizza at intermission

L wanted to pick her souvenir when we first got there, out of all of the toys, trinkets and light up gadgets...she chose the little "baby Flounder"
She almost chose the "vinoculars"...but they had Ursula's scary eels on she quickly put those down!

L-"Mommy, those fish and starfish are really people in costumes....but the other ones are real!"

Ariel a.k.a. The Little Mermaid


L was mesmerized...

..and amused!

Simba and Nala

ready for the show to start

We were the 4th row of tables back from the rink...right in the center..the Easter Bunny gave L a great set of seats!

L- "Awww, look at this baby is so cute!"

we had our own table...and the entire table to the right of us was empty...and the people to the left of us showed up right before intermission....very nice!

Our tickets to "Disney-Ice"
Not sure why, but L insisted it was Disney-Ice...not Disney on Ice...could it be that she's 4?!

We had a great time...thank you Easter Bunny!!

Party Planner in training...

March 13,2009
(just a little behind)
**Party Time**
L decided she wanted to have a party in her room....I was the only adult...person for that matter...but there were plenty of stuffed animals that were in attendance! L had me wait until the party was "ready"...she went downstairs to get the snacks she would serve...and also prepared the goody bags for each guest...her stuffed animals were all positioned around her room...she probably worked on the party preparations for at least an hour....and I was not allowed in her room until it was time.....she must get this OCD party planning from her!!
She said she was the birthday she got to wear a crown
snacks...strawberry marshmallows, goldfish and princess graham crackers.....
she also had us play "Musical Marshmallows"...she made a circle of marshmallows....turned on her cd player...and said "when it have to eat a marshmallow"...but, she was the only one who was allowed to was the funniest thing..and pretty creative!

Goody Bag for Mommy....she wrote it herself..and pointed it out to me to let me know it was mine!

Goody Bag for her "sister"..Lillian...Lillian was one of the children who also had a February birthday...and had her picture in Space City Parent Magazine...L cut her little quarter sized picture out, and has it taped it her room...that is her sister!

not sure about this guest

L-" can have your goody bag when you leave..after you tell me thank you for inviting me!"

***What a great party ...great company, great food, great games, and great goody bags....a girl after my own heart.:)