Monday, December 29, 2008

ChRiStMaS mOrNiNg!!!!

GGRR...once again..these pictures are out of's my OCD kicking in that they aren't exactly how I wanted them..oh well>:)
L's "Santa Spread"
(Santa brought her so much, that it covered up the mound of gifts from Mommy and Daddy...they are all behind the puppet theater and under the can see the mound from Mangie and Pop behind the Big Wheel...poor deprived child!)
L trying out her new plasma car...trying not to run over Santa's footprints
WOW..L's stocking was crammed full..looks like Santa had to put the overflow next to it!
Big Wheel, Plasma Car, movies, Giant Mr. Potato Head, Elefun, Dance Cam
games, babies, clothes

"Puppet show" and puppets galore...L told Santa that she wanted a "puppet show" and puppets.....go Santa!

taking a little break from opening gifts to play literally took L 3 hours to open all of her gifts!!
WOW...Mangie and Pop gave L a Cinderella is like a Disney Princess Dollhouse...she LOVES it...lights, fireworks, and all...Mangie had it shipped home when we went to WDW in September....
L opened up her new dress up trunk, and had to dress like a fairy..because she was opening fairies from Mangie...a little OCD?

so cute..bed head and all!
Her favorite gift...Her Leapster...L asked Santa for a DS, "intendo DS"(Nintendo DS).....apparently Santa only brings those when you are 7 and up..we let her know ahead of we decided we would get her a Leapster....which she LOVES..and even calls it her DS!
* We had a great and very relaxing Christmas...we stayed in our pjs all day....enjoyed a great lunch at home... had fun with Mangie and Pop...enjoyed watching L play with aaaaaaaaaallllll of her toys all day long...and even got to watch L roller skate naked in her new Dora doesn't get any better than, to find a place for the mini toys r' us....:)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town...TONIGHT!! these pictures are totally out of order.:(

They are numbered under each picture.....

We had to get ready for Santa...what a busy night....reindeer food to make and sprinkle outside, cookies to bake and decorate, a bath and Christmas pajamas, a letter to Santa..and his milk and cookies......whew........after all of this hustle and bustle we read L "Twas the night before Christmas"....she was so excited...and told Santa a few last minute gifts she would like right before falling asleep.....








* L did come into our room at about 4:00...she heard what she knew was Santa......I have never seen her eyes get so big..she quickly told me

""HURRY HIDE..He's here!"...

SO, we turned off the lights...and hid under the covers....:)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Here's your sign!!

a close up
nope, it's not a hole in the door..that's the sign near the bottom!
M and L went shopping for a bit on Sunday...and I did too....Apparently at some point while they were at home...L decided she needed a sign on her bedroom door...when I called to let them know I was on my way home...she told me...
"I put a sign on my says-

I got tickled, and she led me up to her room to see her sign when I got's about the size of a tiny bathroom dixie cup....cute
When it was time for bed, this was our conversation-
K-" Well, get in bed...I love you..I"m not allowed in your room..that's what the sign says!"
L-"No, it says Mommy and L are allowed in my room and Mommy can sleep with me!"
HHMm...should I be worried that she is already putting keep out signs up...or the fact that she said "don't" instead of "are not"....can't wait to see what she puts up when she is 7!

There's a first time for everything..

L enjoyed "The Nutcracker"..Houston Ballet ..Nonnie treated us to the Four Seasons for Afternoon Tea before the ballet. We enjoyed the expensive sandwiches and desserts....yummy!
We had a girls only tea with E,C and Nonnie...then M met us(late...ggrr) at the Wortham Center for The Nutcracker performance. I wasn't sure how L would do..since it was her party day at school...and she wouldn't be able to take a nap...but she survived the tea, and stayed awake during the whole performance....(started at 7:30) ...and really loved it!
Thank you Nonnie!
(Thurs. 12/18/2008)
Don't let the sweet smiles fool you..:) Triple Trouble!
We were lucky to meet and greet the cast when we of the perks of the great seats we had...they were on our level..not the main level..

L loved the Mice and the Rat King...silly girl....all of the pretty ballerinas...and she loved the mice....she kept asking when they were coming back..she said they were "probably in the forest hidin' and seekin'"

The Prince

The SuGaRpLuM Fairy


this is L's new pose...I guess after nearly 4 years of a camera being in her face...she has had enough!

All she wants for Christmas is..

Poor L!! She woke up at 3:30 crying about her ear hurting.....I put antibiotic drops in her ear, gave her a dose of Motrin, gave her a dose of Mucinex...warmed up a washcloth to hold on her ear...fixed Ramen noodles at 4:30 in the morning....let her watch a little tv....came back upstairs to go to bed.. NOT HAPPENING...
She was in such pain....we tried to sleep in my bed...nope...she wanted to move to her bed...nope...she kicked, flipped and flailed, hit her ear, pulled it, cried, screamed..NOTHING...She and I both finally fell back asleep around 7:15/30ish....I woke up at 8:30 to call her woke her up.:(...She was in such pain...both ears were bothering her!!!
Poor girl..she was MiSeRaBlE!!!!
She couldn't be seen until 10:20, but we got there at 10:00 ...hoping we could get in a bit earlier.......I don't think getting there early got us in before 10:20..I think it was her screaming, crying, and rolling on the floor in pain that helped.:)
Poor little puffy eyes!

SO, after a dose of Motrin, antibiotic ear drops, and an oral antibiotic..fever is still there...the screaming has stopped...the ears are calm...for now..and I am about to put her down for a nap.....keep your fingers crossed!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh which farn is to ride in a wu-pup-open sleigh!!


if this doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit...I don't know what will! Enjoy!..try to ignore the Easter shirt.:)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Checking things off her list...

Drive thru Bethlehem City- CHECK
Christmas Light tour of Green Tee-CHECK
Great time with Mangie..sssooo sad when she left-CHECK

Mailed all Christmas Cards-CHECK

wearing mismatched pj's and shoeless in 68 degree weather...while running a low grade fever and coughing-CHECK

painted Stocking Holder-CHECK

MDO Christmas Program 2008

L's MDO Christmas Program was Thurs. 12/11
She was the know, the 5 pointed thing..not the star of the show.:) But, in our eyes...she was the star of the show.:) Sweet girl!
Mangie drove 7 hours to see "the star" perform...her "solo" was maybe 15 seconds...she was cute! It was a cute program, and we loved watching her sing her songs she had been learning at school! :)

L posing.."I'm the green class!"..Each class wore their class shirts...I really looked for gold clothes for her to wear under her star, but realized...that was a bit we settled for all black.:)

In have to double click to see what she was photos...Please....!!.:)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tastes like SuGaR!!!

WHAT? Snow?..Here?...How crazy!!
Can you believe it?
Wed. 12/10/08
We were finishing up bedtime stories when the snow started to really come down...we figured, even if it was a "school night"..we could bend the rules a bit and let L get dressed to experience the snow....she had fun...Mangie had arrived earlier that we all went out and was ooohhh soooo cold...but ooohhh soooo worth it!!
Notice the "ghetto gloves"...real gloves aren't a real necessity around here....socks worked.:) L enjoyed eating the snow..She said, "Look, I"m chompin' this up!" far the effects of the bumper dirt mixed with snow haven't caused any problems.:)
OK..this was her "snow-cone" after we played outside...she had fun eating it.....

L catching snowflakes

I figured she was up, it was about a photo-op...I ran in for her Santa hat and tried to get a cute pic. for our Christmas the snow on her hat!

Pure excitement!

I"m beginning to think she is a distant relative of Gene Simmons...check out that tongue....L told us she wanted to catch a snowflake to taste it..because Little Bill(cartoon) says they taste like sugar!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


HOW FUNNY is this...she looks like a Gremlin eating pizza.....look at those roly-poly arms....chewing on the "bones"(crust)....this was L's first pizza party.....during the holidays....sweet little diaper butt!

Nov. 2005

1st Thanksgiving...bundled up and ready to explore the 3 Door Farm

L bathing in Mangie's sink.......she loved playing with "red-roly"....if only I could put her in the sink this Thanksgiving....she would be more like a twisted pretzel now...STOP GROWING!!!!

Mangie bathing L...I LOVE how she is looking outside...wishing she could go explore...and, if she needed a little snack....she could snatch that biscuit out of the pot.:)

L having fun playing in Mangie's toys.....oh how she loves to run upstairs and destroy and mangle all of the toys.....oh how Momma hates having to clean it all up!...guess that's one perk of her growing up..

For those of you who read, and anxiously await our new posts...hehehe...I won't have access to our computer, therefore....there will not be a Way Back Wednesday post next week...I know, I will you live?! It will be fine...