Sunday, May 24, 2009

L's 1st wedding..that she can recall.:)

Saturday 5/23
L was very excited about attending a wedding on Saturday.
She kept talking about how she wanted to see the "Brive" in her long dress.
And that when the man with the book talked, we had to listen....
( she was talking about the preacher and his bible).
L did a good job during the ceremony, and told me afterwards..
"Mommy, I liked the Bride...but not the Prince!"
Too funny....and, she remembered...bride....guess we'll have work on the groom part...since we will be attending another family wedding this coming weekend..
which..she is looking forward to dancing and spinning in her dress.:)
L enjoyed seeing Emma and Clara........Paw-Paw too.:)

Friday, May 22, 2009

fRiDaY iS BeAcH dAy!!

L has been telling me ...all month....
"Mommy, when it's Friday..we're going to go to the beach..and we're going to build a sand castle..with a moat around it..and Mangie is going to come too!"..
Well, a few Fridays have beach....not that she even knows when Friday is.....or that Mangie was coming down....They have been learning about the Beach at school...
SO..Mangie came down for her MDO program..and a family wedding this weekend....and brought her bathing suit!
When we woke up this morning..Mangie told L it was Friday..
L said "We're going to the beach!"
her bathing suit was on within seconds.....and we were on our way.....

We're at the beach...finally..
We pulled into one pocket park..but it wasn't "quiet" enough according to we found another one...
fun in the sand and sun

we fed the seagulls...FYI..they like powdered donut holes..bread from kolaches..and blueberry cake donuts
so sweet...

serious concentration and planning went in to building her princess castle

L wanted a log for her bridge....but the shovel had to do..Mangie tried to bring her a piece of driftwood to use...but it was ssttiinnkkky!!

filling the moat with water.....and collecting seashells...she was a girl on a mission

We stayed at the beach for a few started sprinkling, so we started packing up.....we didn't want to get wet.:) We were about to pack up anyway...4 cars pulled up beside us with their blaring music...L had a quick snack...then we went to Fisherman's Wharf for lunch!
Fun Day!!

NO,that's not sand on her face...
it is chocolate from the ding dong she inhaled....
the girl LOVES anything chocolate....
and she worked up an appetite building all of her castles...

L enjoyed sitting in the back...watching the waves as she ate her apple...
Life is good!

MDO End of the Year Program

Thurs. 5/21

L did such a great job singing her songs..and doing all of the motions....We have enjoyed listening to her practice at home as well.
My favorite was the color song-
L's lyrics-
"RED is the color of the blood he shed for me!"
"BROWN is for the crown of thorns he wore on CALORIE!"
"BLUE is for the royalty in him it did well!"
"YELLOW is for the Christians who ARE afraid to tell!"
...and it continued...but very cute!...all of the songs were..we were very proud of her!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

RAFA Awards Ceremony

Sat. 5/16
We attended L's dance awards ceremony tonight ....There are 2 locations, and both locations were included in the ceremony......lots of kiddos..llloonnnggg evening...and we didn't even make it through the whole thing...sorry! I think next year we'll be better prepared...we will actually eat dinner before we go...and bring a snack...or a pillow....and personal fans...apparently the school district forgot to program the air to come on ...very long, but very nice!
The ceremony took place at LC Intermediate....the original location was damaged during, they made due with what was available..
These pictures are out of order....we ate dinner AFTER the awards...but, you'll get the idea.:)

We told L she could pick where we went for dinner..since we were so proud of her for earning 2 medals....she choose East Star........the girl was huuunnnggrrryyy!!!
showing off her medals

L earned 2 awards
1.yellow-perfect attendance her skills for her level...
(each child has a skills notebook that they are responsible is to come to class each week...and they are tested at the end of each semester...the skills are the terms for their ballet and tap positions)
a pat on the back before heading to the medal table...
The Director/Founder of RAFA...Mrs. the cards....L calls her "Oliver's mom"...there is a cat that lives at the studio...and L knows Mrs. Lynette is the, she always calls her "Oliver's mom" is too cute!!
The children waited in line with their card...that listed the awards they would be receiving....they were to give their card to the person when they got on stage...listen as their card was read...and then go to the table to receive their big girl on the stage all by herself!!

waiting in line with the rest of the mob to take her turn on big!

L entered on one side of the stage....received her awards...and exited the other side of the stage....she was so precious walking across the stage....I asked her if she was nervous...she said "only a little when you wouldn't say hi to me!"....I guess I missed that part.:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Make A Mess Day!!!

Today was messy day...make a mess day at school! SO, I let L choose ..from her play clothes...what she would like to wear. We were asked to send them in old clothes...just in is what she wore to school...TADA..
She was so excited to be able to pick her ensemble...and was very sweet..
"Thank you Mommy for letting me choose my messy clothes!"

From top to bottom-
1. Pigtails(she requested them) with dark purple bows
2. Size 2t(she wears a 4t) brown t-shirt that says "Way sweeter than chocolate"
3.White shorts with turquoise and light purple flowers ( 3t)
4. orange socks sparkly tennis shoes..size 9 (she wears a 9 1/2 or 10)
**and the kicker...I didn't iron any of it...eeks..I know..can you believe it?! she had the curled up shorts cuffs to prove it...nice!
Double click for a better view
(you can even see her nutritious breakfast in her baggie....fruit loops)
and her favorite bunny, L*aure*n

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Gotta love bathing a baby in the kitchen sink!
This was after L's first bday cute!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Jokester!!

We were getting in the car to leave for Mother's Day Out this morning..and...

K-" Hop in..we don't want to be late to school!"

L-"Mommy,how do bees get to school?"

K-" I don't do bees get to school?"

L-"On a school-bbbuuuzzzzzzz!"

(followed by giggling from both of us)

I know she didn't make this up..
.I"m guessing Imagination Movers, Max & Ruby, etc...
BUT, I thought it was pretty funny that she told a joke...
and it fit with what was going on at the time!
funny girl...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Village Fair 2009

Isn't it every child's dream to...
1. go to the town fair..
2. eat greasy carnival food...
3. ride rides...that may or may not be safe...
(and may possibly be tainted with Swine Flu)
as much as you want because you have the "all you can ride' wristband
4. let the carny-guys
(who may possibly be tainted with Swine Flu)
help you on and off the rides
5. spend $5 on a game to win a dirty stuffed animal
(that may possibly be tainted with Swine Flu)
6. get your arm painted for the first time..
7. stay out wwwaaayyy past your bedtime

Things that make you go hhmmm....

I was looking at the pictures on my cell phone....
and found these that I felt were blog-worthy..
This kid is a NUT!!!
We had gone to East Star for lunch after an egg hunt...
she decided it was "cold" when she found her hat in the car.....and the chopsticks...
well, they were her...ears, scribblesticks, you name it!!
I think she told me she the "crazy bunny"...

my favorite part, you can kind of see in the pics....was the way her ears were turned down and poking out of her hat! crazy girl!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Are YOU ready for bathing suit season?
Why is it that when you are little...chunky thighs are to die for.....
and when you grow up...
well...not so much!