Thursday, July 31, 2008

We don't say that....

L- "Stupid....(long pause..waiting for a reaction)...Ratatouille's Daddy said that!"
K- "That's not nice, we don't say that!" (very calmy)
L- " So we don't say stupid or fart?"
K- (biting lip trying not to laugh).."That's right!"
L- "Oh..okay Mommy!"

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ok..I'll let you see my new tattoo... it's not me...I know you thought it looked like me...slender and all...but the belt probably stumped you.:)

I have a ticker on this blog(scroll down to the very bottom on the page)...I am excited to see that I have close to 500 hits...but wish I knew who they were from..;(....I know who a few of you are...but would love to know who reads about our daily happenings....Would you do me a favor..pppllleeeasse...just this once....leave a can be anonymous, initials, anything..just would love to know.:) Thanks...

p.s...that really is my new tattoo.:) and my new belt!.:)

The Amazing SpiderGIRL!!!!

THEME SONG- "Spidergirl! Spidergirl! Does whatever a Spidergirl can!

Spins a web...flies through the air...WATCH OUT!!

Here comes the SPIDERGIRL!!!

* Apparently M and L play Spidergirl when they drop me off to go into a store....M sings the theme song, while L "acts" it out....she showed me "her moves" on Sunday(7/27)!

Today while we were in Target, L was so excited to see Spidergirl Pajamas...(in the boys section of course)..if you tell her it's will be corrected!!

She even told me she needed to find a Spidergirl costume, so she could be Spidergirl for Halloween.....hhmm...we put a call into Mangie on that one......I"m sure by October, she will want to be a Princess, but for the time being...SPIDERGIRL!!!


spinning a web!

This is what M taught her to do...
... and this! She wanted to go to my car to show me "her moves" after she got out of the tub and put on her new pajamas!!

Is Daddy a good cooker?

L- "Is Daddy a good cooker?"

K- "What do you think?"

L- "No, Mommy is a good cooker....Daddy is a good worker!....Mommy's are the cookers, Daddy's are the workers!"

* This was our conversation last night. M had taken L to eat, and she was having some of her leftover 10:30 p.m.!!! She was so serious!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

ThE gReAtEsT sHoW oN eArTh!

We had a fun time at the circus this morning with the Martin clan. Lauren and Avery had on the cutest circus dresses....complete with Elephant bows.:) They were precious!! L has been talking about the circus since we've been home...and giggles when she thinks about it! PRICELESS!!

Look at these ClOwnS!!

$12 cotton candy!!

Billy, Paige and Avery

CiRcUs CuTies!!! after the Circus....

before the Circus...

not so sure about the Circus!

I decided to do a little stretching while we were there..:)

The Ring Master

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT!!!!

3rd times a charm!! After our 3rd visit to a Dr., the infamous sticky ball suction cup is gone.........and yes, I do have it...and it will be in L's scrapbook as a constant reminder! :)
M is so excited that I have been able to say " I TOLD YOU SO!"..because I have been telling him since June 29th that it was still in her nose!!....:) L had been running a low grade fever Monday and Tuesday...I chalked it up to her being exhausted...little did we know..... She asked if she could shine a flashlight up my she did...then I took a turn shining it in her nose...Low and behold, I could see the suction cup!!!! M and I tried to coax her into letting us get it out...sips of Dr. Pepper, and the promise of going to Wal-Mart to get a toy ...even if it was passed her bedtime! She tried, we tried....but the squirming and screaming and tiny tweezers weren't cutting it!
We went to Tx. Children's ER there at 10:10 home around 6:00 a.m.!!! After waiting, waiting, waiting........seeing an ENT..seeing the ER doctor...being told we would be going to the OR...seeing the original ENT and another ENT.....(if you would like the full story, drama and all..feel free to ask!) was out!!!! Why did we go to the ER?..well, for starters we knew it would take awhile...never knew it would be over 7 hrs!..and we figured her fever was the body fighting the foreign body that had been lodged in her nose for over 3 weeks!!.(and didn't want her fever to get higher)..and there was no way I was going to be able to sleep knowing that it was there...and so close to being out!
Whew...we can all sleep better now.:)
L was crying when we signed scared...the receptionist gave her a stuffed animal to squeeze!
After a few hours of waiting, decided to document our time...every hour....little did we know there would be ssooo many clock pictures !
deliriously waiting.....
and she's out...2:15 !!
this was after the ENT came in around 3:20....and had to leave again!
HIP HIP HOORAY...notice what they are holding...yippee!!!
it's out, and we're waiting for our paperwork ..ready to go!
Yes, I look worn out....but hey, I"d been up almost 24 hrs.....notice that tired little face and her thumbs up!!!

Silly girl...holding her "orders"..wanting a picture near the mural!

Monday, July 21, 2008

and away we go....AGAIN!!

It seems like all we have done is pack, unpack, repack..and go..go...go!!

We spent a fun weekend in The Woodlands. M had a conference to attend, and L and I were able to attend as of charge! We stayed at the Marriott on the reminded us of the San Antonio Riverwalk a bit...but much calmer and quieter! We enjoyed riding on the water taxi(boat), riding the trolley, or as L called it the "green school bus", and strolling around the Market Square area. SSSOOO many neat shops and restaurants.
We met up with some friends Friday night for dinner and let the kiddos play in the fountains afterwards. Saturday evening L played in a different set of fountains...that are set to music and change a mini-Bellagio. After playing in the fountains, we headed back to the hotel and Michael and I put on our bathing suits too..(which is SO against my religion!).....We all had fun playing in the pool until 11:00 p.m....(closing time). Sunday morning we had a special birthday party to attend. Before we headed out, we got to ride the "Rice Krispie-Giselle-school bus"" (trolley). We had lunch at "Johnny Rockets" and stopped in an all chocolate bar...I got a few chocolate dipped strawberries, L chose a pretzel rod dipped in chocolate and rolled in mini m&m's...M had a piece of caramel/chocolate candy......yuummyyy! We made it to the birthday party, and enjoyed a great day at the beach celebrating a very special 1st birthday! Happy Birthday H.M.H!!!

( the pictures are out of order...can't figure out how to switch them around...still trying to get the hang of this whole "blog" thing...remember, you can double click on the pictures if you would like to see them larger)

Sat. night...after the fountains..we were walking back towards our hotel to go swimming..she looked up and said, "Look, that says Marriott like the paper does!"...scary!!
Sun. lunch at Johnny RocketsSun. at H's beach b-day party
Friday night fun with friends
wanting so bad to go swimming on Friday night that she decided she needed to watch tv with her goggles on...she fell asleep in them..YES..we took them off.:)
she said this was like Dr. Banda had(Chiropractor after "Kemah Crash")..we had to rub her back and tummy...crazy girl!!
enjoying the dancing fountains Sat. night
so so cute!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy 95th Birthday Dear GG !!

Yes, you read it right....95!! Michael's Grandmother turned 95 today!! We headed to LaGrange, along with Grand-mere and Aunt Michele this morning to celebrate the big day! GG still lives alone in her own home!! She wasn't expecting that was an extra surprise for her. L was so excited to unbuckle when we pulled into GG's driveway! What a lucky little girl to be with her Great-Grandmother to share such a special day! Grand-mere and Aunt Michele kept L entertained in the backseat to and from LaGrange..(and I think she may have entertained them a bit as well.:) ).and they kept her busy playing puzzles and memory for a few hours when we got back to SugarLand.....and she's been asleep since 6:15!! Thanks Grand-Mere and Aunt Michele! We all had a long but fun day... but how many times do you get to celebrate someone turning 95?!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Home from "A-Cation"

Paw-Paw and Lauren..not sure who enjoyed it more?

The Thump Queen
"Farm School" at Mangie and Pop's
Giving Mommy a HEART ATTACK!!

After our 11 day "Tour of Texas"...we are home, and trying to get back into the swing of things...Lauren was so excited to be on "a-cation"...
1st stop- June 27-June 29- Luling... Watermelon Thump
2nd stop-June29-June 30- San Antonio
unplanned stop- June 29- ER
June 30-July 7- Ovalo ..Mangie and Pop

Not sure which part of our itinerary got your attention..ER MAYBE?!

Lauren decided to see what it would feel like to cram a small suction cup from a "sticky ball" up her nose....(all while we were trying to order dinner @ 10:30 p.m. in the Whataburger drive-thru) our p.j.s!!

We noticed the Children's ER earlier in the we knew right where to go...Lauren was scared about getting a shot, but was all decked out in her new Ariel nightgown, with matching heels and I said, we were just going to get dinner!! Lucky for me there was a bra in my car...well, I guess lucky for the ER staff.:)

After tweezing, tubing, x-rays and a lot of screaming...NOTHING!! The Dr. told us to watch for it to pass...and to look for green drainage and an odor...YUCK..that could be a sign it was still in we did!!

(And of course, my camera was at the hotel!)

Other than the "nose drama", we had a great time being together and seeing our family! The Watermelon Auction...yes, there really is one....The Grand Champion Melon went for $10,000!!! Isn't that crazy!!! L was so excited to get her picture taken with the "Watermelon Princess"(she's actually the Queen). She LOVED the parade.....and getting some great candy and goodies.....a pack of powdered donuts was her favorite! Getting to visit with Paw-Paw and Char was a treat for us all!:)

We decided to head to the big city (NOT) of Ovalo...we spent the 4th of July with Mangie and Pop...Lauren had fun playing outside, helping her daddy light fireworks(while I freaked out), picking vegetables, riding 4 wheelers....all of that country stuff.:) We took her to an ENT while we were there as well......nothing! We're hoping that the suction cup is gone...but still monitoring! Michael and I went to see "Hancock" at the!! Looking forward to our next visit!

And now we're back....and the crazy days resume.:)