Monday, June 9, 2008

Swimming lessons....

Today was L's first day of swim lessons...ever! I told her on our way there that I wasn't going to be able to stay...but that I would be back to watch her at the end. Not that I didn't want to stay, but the teachers ask that you leave so that the kids will not be distracted by the parents on the sidelines. It was hard to leave her...but I think she will get more out of it without me there. She did tell her teacher, "I'm getting frustrated!!"..apparently the water on her face was bothering her!..:) and she wasn't able to get out and get a towel.....She was excited when I came back..she showed me how she could hold onto the noodle and kick her legs.....and how she could float on her back...and blow bubbles...and kick from one teacher to the other(in very close range)..I was impressed for her just being in the water for an hour and 15 minutes! Her homework was to practice putting her face under the water wearing her goggles..during her bath....she told me, "I will show you how to get my body wet..not my face!" ..we'll see.:) (You can double click on the pictures for a better look)

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Lana said...

HI Kristi
I saw our comment on my blog. I am so excited for you to do the Disney thing. HOW FUN!! I loved those outfits my girls wore and had so much fun with them. I got the pink minnie halter dress from ebay on a ebay store called Lilbug Clothing. She has lots of cute Disney stuff. The red and white Minnie outfit a friend made for us and the animal kingdom outfit leopard print is an outfit from a friend who sells these locally. If you know a good sewing person they could maybe mimic these easily:) Good Luck