Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of ScHoOl!!!

Okay, well not Kindergarten yet...but Mother's Day Out!
L was wide awake and in my room at 6:45 (YIKES!) wanting to know if it was time to go to school! I told her she could get in bed with me and try to get a little more rest! ( I think it was Mommy who needed a little more sleep!)
She never fell asleep...that I know of..:) BUT, we were up when my alarm went off at 7:15!

Seems we have reached the age where she has to "pose" for every picture..
trying not to smile...
or talk....
L was excited to meet her new friends and see her old friends....watching everyone come in the door....she must get that nosy-ness from M!.:)
She didn't blink an eye...gave me a big hug and kiss...and was ready to start the day..
I had to take another peek to make sure she was okay before I left....There were a few other Paparazzi moms taking pics too.:)

Our ride home was 10 minutes...I think she started drifting off at about 7 minutes.....It's tough being 3!!!

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