Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's almost time!!!


We're about to go see the most famous white gloved character in the world...

NO..not Michael Jackson.....


L doesn't know, and we aren't planning on telling her until we get there...:)

Any tips? What was your favorite park?


Donovan Family Tree said...

Ours was Magic Kingdom! Take lots of pics and take a picture of eeyore (sp) for me! Watch the weather and have a great time!

Love the Donovan's

Grand-mere said...

Ohmygosh! Last time I was there was with Michael! Things have surely changed. I really liked Epcot (sp?)but I understand there's a new spot just for the wee little ones. I would bypass the larger ones; she might find them exciting only to be disappointed that she wouldn't be big enough for the rides. Enjoy! G-M