Sunday, May 24, 2009

L's 1st wedding..that she can recall.:)

Saturday 5/23
L was very excited about attending a wedding on Saturday.
She kept talking about how she wanted to see the "Brive" in her long dress.
And that when the man with the book talked, we had to listen....
( she was talking about the preacher and his bible).
L did a good job during the ceremony, and told me afterwards..
"Mommy, I liked the Bride...but not the Prince!"
Too funny....and, she remembered...bride....guess we'll have work on the groom part...since we will be attending another family wedding this coming weekend..
which..she is looking forward to dancing and spinning in her dress.:)
L enjoyed seeing Emma and Clara........Paw-Paw too.:)

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Wayne said...

Yes, I like the princess better than the prince. We Chappell men can be a little hard around the edges

Wayne Chappell