Friday, September 25, 2009

Joe's CRAP Shack

I went to the Dr. today to go over my MRI results(performed last week) from our July crash...not fun...physical therapy will resume again next week for 2.. possibly 3 weeks....3 x per week.....and then I will have Epidural Steroid my vote is to go ahead with the injections so I don't have to drive to and from Houston 3 x a week...but, don't think that was an option!.BOO!!
M is moving offices...and trying to put out a zillion fires at work...and hanging on by his fingertips...and stressed..stressed..stressed!!
L, well she just can't get over the fact that the Massage Therapist I see during physical therapy is getting married....he is 29..she is 4...but she wants to marry him! She will tell you she is MAD that he is getting is too cute!..but that she will just marry her Daddy instead!
SO..we all decided to throw everything aside...and meet for lunch at Joe's Crab Shack
L grabbed a pack of wipes, and said
"I can read this...Joe's CraP Shack!"
it was too funny
and she also let us know..
"Um, the reason I don't want my broccoli, is I"m not really a big fan of broccoli anymore!"

Yes my child is 4 1/2 and still has 3 of her 24 month onesies that she always wants to sleep in....don't ask me?! If they aren't in her pajama drawer, she will run to the dryer to check for one...crazy, I know! (yes, they still fit!)
She spotted a "wan-zie" at the little gift shop area.....
the largest size available was an 18 mth... you have it.:)
She had to make a princess hat before she went to bed....a piece of paper "in a cone" with tissue paper taped to it for the "ribbon"...I thought it was pretty creative.:)
modeling her hat and onesie

I told her to look at me so I could take the picture
"NO..will you take it..I want to look over there!"
WOW! teenage years should be fun.:)

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Anonymous said...

Love the wan-zie ! Cute hat.