Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Monday 9/7/2009
Once you pick your jaw up off the ground...since I"m actually blogging..:)
L has been talking about playing soccer for such a long time.
"When I"m big, I'm going to play soccer like Dora and Max!"
She talks about it A LOT!!!
SO...we decided to see how she would do...after a quick trip to Target...
we had a ball, socks, and shoes....
she wanted a helmet too..but we told her that was for a different sport! :)
She was a natural...we couldn't get over how good she was at kicking the ball around.......so, you guessed it...we'll be signing up for soccer...we're still looking around...she is going to try out a class at Soc*cer*tots.....stay tuned..

(pictures are in reverse order)
Red cheeks from playing hard
"I"m good at soccer...but I need to take a break from my practicing!"
such a hoot!

And away she goes...

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Anonymous said...

Go Lauren...she looks little in the one of her back and big in the others... Too cute!!!!