Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dive-In Movie!!'s not a read it right..Dive-In Movie...The Donovan's called us last night when we were on our way out to dinner...they invited us to go with them to the Lakewood Yacht Club for dinner and a movie....we graciously accepted....After getting our swim gear, we were there in about 20 minutes...We all ate dinner..You know the rule, you can't swim until you eat your dinner! It was a double feature...We watched "Surf's Up" and "Blue Hawaii"(Elvis). We had a blast...and it was pretty neat being able to watch a movie and swim at the same time...and to top it was free!.:) Thanks Roger for letting us put it on your tab.:)

Front row seats
I like this!!
Becca's ready...
Ethan patiently waiting!
Ready to swim!!!!

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