Sunday, August 10, 2008

L is officially 3 1/2 we ATTEMPTED a photo session..

* We had to wake her up to get ready for her pictures this morning...that should have been a red flag. The photographer tried so hard to get L to smile....L tried so hard not to smile...Here were some of the attempts.....BUT, L redeemed herself...M wanted a Daddy & Daughter shot...L was so happy about it...the last picture was not posed! L stood next to M like she was told..and on her own, wrapped her arms around his neck...pulled him towards her..and kissed his sweet....with her little eyes closed..LOVES HER DADDY!!!

Daddy's girl!!!

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Grand-mere said...

Great picture. How do we get a copy? Reminds me of a co-worker whose daughter had turned 4. She went in to her daughter's bedroom just as she was waking up and heard her daughter say in a Scarlett O'Hara drawl: "I'm the only one that Daddy really loves."