Friday, January 2, 2009

The Radio City ROCKETTES!

We had a wonderful family date night this evening (Fri. 1/2)
We all went to the Toyota Center to see the
"Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring The Rockettes"

My mom and I saw it 5 years ago when we went to NYC...I bought an ornament that I've put on our tree each goes in the "don't touch zone"...L was excited to actually go see the "leg-kicking-ornament girls"
* PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY were NOT allowed...but I was feeling like a, I turned off the flash and snapped a few pics...AND used the video function on my camera to take a few video snippets too...sshhh, don't tell! I saw many others doing it as well!
My favorite dance...They were all dressed as toy soldiers...and a cannon "shot" them at the end....they fell in very slow motion until the whole line was was AWESOME! (sorry the pics are in reverse order) was amazing watching how steady and precise they were...

Showing off her program...and she "needed" a Rockettes Barbie too!(yes, she got it)..oh, and cotton candy...but M and I had to feed it to her because she didn't want her fingers to get sticky...she was in princess mode!!
All of the sets were amazing..or should I say
L said "HOLY COW!!" when all of the Santa's appeared
Her barbie is wearing this costume!
L enjoyed the show so much.(really, despite the fake smile)...we did too...snow, fireworks, Santa, dancing, ice skating, flying...AND REAL CAMELS TOO!! SERIOUSLY...during the Nativity was awesome....sheep, donkey, camels....crazy, crazy!!!

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