Thursday, January 29, 2009

aLwAyS tHiNkInG!!!!!

L has a great imagination that never ceases to amaze us. Her latest obsession...
She has found every roll around the house, and has "needed" it for something very important!!

Tonight she set up a "birthday party" in her playroom...we had to put on pajamas...I was already in comfy clothes...but they weren't good enough for her party...she went into my bedroom and brought out a pair of Christmas p.j.'s for me to change in to..and, I wasn't fast she took off my shirt and put my p.j. top on for me.....we were ready to head to the playroom to play
Pin the "donkey on the tail"
(that she made with dive rings, tape and paper)
I stepped into the kitchen while the other guests(stuffed animals) were getting ready...L told me we needed a "band-aid" to cover our eyes so we couldn't peek...I told her we would be fine without a bandana.....and then she steps into the kitchen...LIKE THIS........
WITH SCOTCH TAPE ON HER EYES...whatever works!!
I needed a good laugh!!

L -"Look Mom, I'm blind!"
(layering her p.j.s....tinkerbell on bottom and an 18 mth. pair of pajamas she found for herself to put on top...they were about 5 inches too she snapped the top..and left the bottom part open.."like a jacket" she said

OH..and another neat trick she has started...rubbing her chin when she is thinking like the Imagination Movers do...NICE!...and yes, I laughed at that too!!

Showing me ..
"If you need to see-"DO THIS!"
taking her turn at pin the "donkey on the tail".....and yes, you guessed it...we used tape tails to pin on the dive ring donkey that's what I call a great Birthday Pajama Party!

P.S- This is my 93rd post...quickly approaching 100!! woo-hoo..I know all of you blog stalkers are excited.:)


Anonymous said...

What a kid!!!!

Cullum Family said...

LOVE it...about her age ben started tapping his forehead when he would start thinking...priceless!