Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sk8er girl!

We had a great time celebrating B's 8th birthday today...Skating, pizza, cupcakes, games and gifts...what more could you ask for? OH, and even the Skating Rink's mascot Roller-Rufus stopped by for a visit..


M wanted to re-live the 80' he threw on a pair of skates....L decided she would help him since we helped her when she put her skates on...too sweet! He was so quick on his feet, that I wasn't able to take a picture of him whizzing by, backwards skating or "shooting the duck"....I was waiting for "couple skate"...but, it never happened..maybe next time.:) OK..not really, but the good news is...he gave it a valiant effort, held on tightly to the wall...and never fell! :)

L had the best time on the wiggle racer...she wasn't too sure about the whole skating thing....but was a pro on the wiggle racer ...and did a great job participating in all of the games with the "big kids"....and hopefully takes a nice long I can too..:) I think I hear Sk8er boy snoring already..zzzzz


Anonymous said...

That is too funny...Michal holding that wall.


K, L and M said...

it was too funny....and I had to move away from the wall so he could hold on tight the whole time!.:)