Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the V.I.P tour..., I had to sneak into "Bubble Boy Zone"to get to the laundry room to iron...
here's a behind the scenes tour...

what, what?! I can't hear you!!! OMG...this was way too loud for me...not to mention the sheetrock that was blowing into my eyes while I was passing M his ironed clothes to him...through the zipper...seriously!!

another peek

the "house" was built with these snazzy poles, plastic, and staples that are all around the top

the leaky pipe culprit..gggrrrr

OH..and if you double click on this can see the zipper entrance....fancy!!!

1 comment:

Cullum Family said...

at least L's party is not at your house...i would be totally freaking about that right about now...praying for you guys!