Wednesday, February 11, 2009

4yr old fun at the FuNhOuSe!!

*oops...these pictures are in reverse start at the bottom..then scroll up.....if you want ;)
Anytime we pass the Putt-Putt Funhouse, L talks about how she would like to go there. She has actually been, but doesn't remember..she was not even 2!
SO, we decided we would take her there for fun and lunch! She had pictures from about 9:30-10:45 ,and did a great job! to the funhouse we go...
NOW..she likes "Funsit"..check out the bag of loot!
One of the sweet workers asked us if we would like to take L upstairs to take her picture on the birthday wall...apparently this is something they do during b-day parties....but since we were there with one other family...I think L had a special privilege!..and how could you pass up this cute face!!

OH YEAH..Momma hit the jackpot!! Seriously, I don't even know what the actual number was, but when I realized what I had was at 976....I was determined to win L tickets...she had just told me, "Mommy, I wish I had a lot of tickets like Taylor!"

feeding the machine

L- "WOW...look at all of these tickets! Holy Cow!"

L and Daddy playing air hockey...she won both times...imagine that.:)


I think avoiding the dodgeballs on this game is what triggered a major power nap....4:00-6:30....and only woke up because we started making noise!

Not so sure about "Funsit"


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