Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last day of School (MDO)

Thurs. 5/28
My sweet girl had a wonderful year at MDO.Her teachers were so good..and I know she will miss them over the summer...and next year as well...but she will still see them.:) She'll just be in the "big girl" class...She had a great last time in the wide happy meals for lunch..and a carnival to end the day..and year.:)

One last kiss from Mrs. Melody and Mrs. Tina


determined to get a hole in one

bean bag toss

fun in the ball pit...but apparently she saw something else.;)

These pictures were actually taken before we left...the token last day of school pictures...L decided where she needed to stand...and how she would pose...of course

work it girl!!

this was a little ballet pose she told me I needed to take a picture of...crazy girl!!

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Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

I know, we are missing our MDO too! I am thinking perhaps we need a summer MDO too :)