Friday, December 12, 2008

Tastes like SuGaR!!!

WHAT? Snow?..Here?...How crazy!!
Can you believe it?
Wed. 12/10/08
We were finishing up bedtime stories when the snow started to really come down...we figured, even if it was a "school night"..we could bend the rules a bit and let L get dressed to experience the snow....she had fun...Mangie had arrived earlier that we all went out and was ooohhh soooo cold...but ooohhh soooo worth it!!
Notice the "ghetto gloves"...real gloves aren't a real necessity around here....socks worked.:) L enjoyed eating the snow..She said, "Look, I"m chompin' this up!" far the effects of the bumper dirt mixed with snow haven't caused any problems.:)
OK..this was her "snow-cone" after we played outside...she had fun eating it.....

L catching snowflakes

I figured she was up, it was about a photo-op...I ran in for her Santa hat and tried to get a cute pic. for our Christmas the snow on her hat!

Pure excitement!

I"m beginning to think she is a distant relative of Gene Simmons...check out that tongue....L told us she wanted to catch a snowflake to taste it..because Little Bill(cartoon) says they taste like sugar!


Cullum Family said...

great pictures! we weren't able to get pictures during our little bit of snow on tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Cute! I'm so jealous! I had just picked up my photo Christmas cards as our blizzard blew in! I was thinking "what a perfect card snow pics would make". Can't wait to get one! ~fyi :)