Monday, December 29, 2008

ChRiStMaS mOrNiNg!!!!

GGRR...once again..these pictures are out of's my OCD kicking in that they aren't exactly how I wanted them..oh well>:)
L's "Santa Spread"
(Santa brought her so much, that it covered up the mound of gifts from Mommy and Daddy...they are all behind the puppet theater and under the can see the mound from Mangie and Pop behind the Big Wheel...poor deprived child!)
L trying out her new plasma car...trying not to run over Santa's footprints
WOW..L's stocking was crammed full..looks like Santa had to put the overflow next to it!
Big Wheel, Plasma Car, movies, Giant Mr. Potato Head, Elefun, Dance Cam
games, babies, clothes

"Puppet show" and puppets galore...L told Santa that she wanted a "puppet show" and puppets.....go Santa!

taking a little break from opening gifts to play literally took L 3 hours to open all of her gifts!!
WOW...Mangie and Pop gave L a Cinderella is like a Disney Princess Dollhouse...she LOVES it...lights, fireworks, and all...Mangie had it shipped home when we went to WDW in September....
L opened up her new dress up trunk, and had to dress like a fairy..because she was opening fairies from Mangie...a little OCD?

so cute..bed head and all!
Her favorite gift...Her Leapster...L asked Santa for a DS, "intendo DS"(Nintendo DS).....apparently Santa only brings those when you are 7 and up..we let her know ahead of we decided we would get her a Leapster....which she LOVES..and even calls it her DS!
* We had a great and very relaxing Christmas...we stayed in our pjs all day....enjoyed a great lunch at home... had fun with Mangie and Pop...enjoyed watching L play with aaaaaaaaaallllll of her toys all day long...and even got to watch L roller skate naked in her new Dora doesn't get any better than, to find a place for the mini toys r' us....:)


Cullum Family said...

WOW! :)and chris was giving me a hard time for the stuff i got the kids...

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I don't think there is anything left for her birthday! Cute pics. :) ~kmc