Monday, December 22, 2008

Here's your sign!!

a close up
nope, it's not a hole in the door..that's the sign near the bottom!
M and L went shopping for a bit on Sunday...and I did too....Apparently at some point while they were at home...L decided she needed a sign on her bedroom door...when I called to let them know I was on my way home...she told me...
"I put a sign on my says-

I got tickled, and she led me up to her room to see her sign when I got's about the size of a tiny bathroom dixie cup....cute
When it was time for bed, this was our conversation-
K-" Well, get in bed...I love you..I"m not allowed in your room..that's what the sign says!"
L-"No, it says Mommy and L are allowed in my room and Mommy can sleep with me!"
HHMm...should I be worried that she is already putting keep out signs up...or the fact that she said "don't" instead of "are not"....can't wait to see what she puts up when she is 7!

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Shanna said...

Too cute! I have to know where you found the sign for L's door ... too cute!