Monday, October 26, 2009


Thurs. 10/15
L and "the twins", A & B...met at MDO when they were all in the 2 year old room...and have been the three amigos since then....the twins just celebrated their 4th b-day at Disneyworld and brought L a "Th*ing 3" go with their Th*ing 1 and Th*ing 2 that not the cutest gift ever!?!!? they were all so excited to wear them to school...and looked so so cute! I picked them all up from MDO, and we went to the Pumpkin Patch and McDonald''s obvious that 1 & 2 are twins.....but more than one person asked me if they were, nope...not the dark headed one.....they are so cute together, and L tells me they are triplets....these girls love to be will be sad next year when they are still at MDO..and L is in Kindergarten..shh..I don't like to talk about the K word!!!

L would make sure they were in order when we were walking anywhere....a little ocd..:)
B & A
B told me..."Your thing 4!"....which I thought was pretty cute!

so cute!