Saturday, October 10, 2009


Fri. 10/8
I received a sample pack from CVS/Kotex in the mail on Thursday. It was a cute little box with a few "samples" and coupons enclosed. L had soccer practice, so I got her ready..then sent her downstairs to play while I dried my hair...within a few minutes she came running upstairs and was ssoooo excited....she had found some new "lipstick" to play with.....
"Mommy, green is my favorite color and blue is Daddy's favorite did they know?"
(as she is grinning from ear to ear holding the tampons)
These pictures are in reverse order...
She was mad when the "lipstick" came out and she couldn't get it back in
aahh...she had opened her new treasures...and was even more excited to find purple "lipstick"

I was trying so hard not to laugh...she was frustrated that there wasn't any lipstick on the "lipstick", she found a small container of lip gloss...and used her new "lipstick" as an applicator....and was so sweet to share with me.:)

SEE...I told you she was excited!!!
** she used to call them flowers....because of the design on the no, I didn't correct her and tell her what they really were...I figure it will be here soon enough...

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