Sunday, October 18, 2009

Imag*inat*ion Mov*ers Concert 2009

October 18,2009
Verizon Wireless Theater

You know my girl is going to have a themed, I ordered a t-shirt ahead of time...and sassed it up...complete with bling and glow in the dark paint....and ribbon sequins in her hair to match...she got so many compliments...

she looked so cute!

This was the sea of people outside waiting to get in....this picture doesn't do it justice....the concert was supposed to start at 1:30..we got there right around 12:45.....and the doors opened at 12:30....and yes, this was the line of people who already had tickets....started around 2:00.......we twisted are turned in the line for about 30 minutes..ccrraazzy!!

Daddy and L anxiously awaiting...she is sporting her wo*bble-g* Mo*ver Sc*0tt!

really enjoying the concert!!

After the concert...we hung around for a bit....just in case....and boy were we lucky...
L and M*over R*ich

Mo*ver Smi*tty

Mov*er Dav*e picture next to him after an autograph..:( One of the guys in charge told Dave it was time to give a quick wave...L was SSSSOOOO sad...he was literally turning to her to sign her shirt...My girl was sad that she didn't get him to sign her shirt like the others had..:(

Mov*er Sc*ott
she said his hair tickled her face when he hugged her

Afterwards at the Hard Rock Cafe....
wearing the pink shirt she got at the concert...
posing of course!

Our free dessert after waiting sssosoooooooo long.....our food was given to another all paid off in the end.....

DAVE's signature on the shirt??!!
Our waiter was asking what L's shirt was...I told him...he said they had just come in and were seated.....and he would walk us to their table...because they weren't allowed to talk to any we were leaving...we casually walked to their table....they were giving their drink orders....we weren't stalkerish or dorky...just whipped out the shirt....and told Dave what happened...and, he signed the shirt....and boy, was my girl EXCITED!!!!

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