Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rodeo Fun...Yee-Haw!!!

March 16th
(WARNING.. a lot of pictures in this post..and out of order of course!)
L and I went to the Livestock show and carnival..we had a wonderful day together!!!!

cotton candy
The infamous cooking show man!!!!
(you know the one!)


L got tickled in the petting zoo...the goats kept chewing my shirt!

aww...Swifty the swimming pig!

L loved how tiny he was!

ready for the pig races...OINK!

riding Sarah the pony!

at the Farmer's market

L-"Um, Mommy...that wasn't a real cow..AND it wasn't milk..it was water!"
can't get anything past her!

planting seeds

fishin' time!
L was my personal cheerleader at the other games
and oh yes, Mommy won the prizes!!

Thanks Carniman for rescuing my girl!

almost there..but just didn't want to do it!

After DisneyWorld...she's a pro at riding rides!

She made it the whole day...we got there around 11 and left at 8..what a little trooper!
ice cream with sprinkles...all of our loot tied to the stroller...we had to ask for a plastic bag to carry all of the stuffed animals we won!