Sunday, March 8, 2009

and we're popular demand.:) really has been awhile since I have update our blog....Let's's a quick recap of the past month...
*Lauren turned 4 and had a great party
*I was in extreme discomfort at her party
*I was in the ER after her party...with kidney stones
*I came home..Mangie stayed longer than she had planned, because I was drugged up trying to pass kidney stones!
*Passed the stones...woohoo
* Have had several bids from several contractors on repairing all of the damage from our water leak....$10,000 +.....needless to say, we still have the ginormous hole in our ceiling
*Computer crashed from a virus
*Had a great day with friends at the zoo
* Have started spring cleaning
* I got an awesome new cell phone..with internet access and a camera...woohoo
* and the best news..momma saved us some money today....
Saved-$120.26 with clipped and store coupons
only spent- $58.98 (even had over $12 in free goodies)

This was the best deal of all!!!
Ok...we're back..I promise to stay on top of things.:)
Glad to know we were missed.>:)


Shanna said...

Are you doing the "grocery game"?

K, L and M said...

Trying to do it...kind of....just hit the jackpot ar cvs and walgreens....we do have a goal is to try to follow it as much as I can

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.