Monday, March 30, 2009

Lookin' Good Dilated Hollywood!!

L had an appt. on Fri. 3/27 with a Pediatric Opthamologist.
At her 4 yr. check up...she "scored" a 20/40 in each eye on her vision test...
so, they suggested we take her for a more accurate test.
We knew she was fine...but we made an appt. and went anyhow...
20/20 in each eye!!!
I was a bit apprehensive about her eyes being dilated..
.but they wanted to do a complete test...
just to be sure.:)
Her eyes weren't completely back to normal until Sat. evening..which was a bit creepy..but everything is fine now.:)

The "sunglasses" they provided to protect her eyes...didn't have ear she wore my sunglasses on top to hold them in place...while we were in Zio's!
L didn't want to bend her face down....she was afraid that the glasses would fall off and/or the light would hurt her I fed her...I"m sure people thought she was blind!

wouldn't you?

She is still the cutest thing I have ever seen...glasses and all!

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Anonymous said...

Love these...she really looks cute in those glasses.
Your fellow FB stalker...