Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Amazing SpiderGIRL!!!!

THEME SONG- "Spidergirl! Spidergirl! Does whatever a Spidergirl can!

Spins a web...flies through the air...WATCH OUT!!

Here comes the SPIDERGIRL!!!

* Apparently M and L play Spidergirl when they drop me off to go into a store....M sings the theme song, while L "acts" it out....she showed me "her moves" on Sunday(7/27)!

Today while we were in Target, L was so excited to see Spidergirl Pajamas...(in the boys section of course)..if you tell her it's Spiderman...you will be corrected!!

She even told me she needed to find a Spidergirl costume, so she could be Spidergirl for Halloween.....hhmm...we put a call into Mangie on that one......I"m sure by October, she will want to be a Princess, but for the time being...SPIDERGIRL!!!

WATCH OUT...it's...

spinning a web!

This is what M taught her to do...
... and this! She wanted to go to my car to show me "her moves" after she got out of the tub and put on her new pajamas!!

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jdsas said...

cutest spider girl i've ever seen.