Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT!!!!

3rd times a charm!! After our 3rd visit to a Dr., the infamous sticky ball suction cup is gone.........and yes, I do have it...and it will be in L's scrapbook as a constant reminder! :)
M is so excited that I have been able to say " I TOLD YOU SO!"..because I have been telling him since June 29th that it was still in her nose!!....:) L had been running a low grade fever Monday and Tuesday...I chalked it up to her being exhausted...little did we know..... She asked if she could shine a flashlight up my she did...then I took a turn shining it in her nose...Low and behold, I could see the suction cup!!!! M and I tried to coax her into letting us get it out...sips of Dr. Pepper, and the promise of going to Wal-Mart to get a toy ...even if it was passed her bedtime! She tried, we tried....but the squirming and screaming and tiny tweezers weren't cutting it!
We went to Tx. Children's ER there at 10:10 home around 6:00 a.m.!!! After waiting, waiting, waiting........seeing an ENT..seeing the ER doctor...being told we would be going to the OR...seeing the original ENT and another ENT.....(if you would like the full story, drama and all..feel free to ask!) was out!!!! Why did we go to the ER?..well, for starters we knew it would take awhile...never knew it would be over 7 hrs!..and we figured her fever was the body fighting the foreign body that had been lodged in her nose for over 3 weeks!!.(and didn't want her fever to get higher)..and there was no way I was going to be able to sleep knowing that it was there...and so close to being out!
Whew...we can all sleep better now.:)
L was crying when we signed scared...the receptionist gave her a stuffed animal to squeeze!
After a few hours of waiting, decided to document our time...every hour....little did we know there would be ssooo many clock pictures !
deliriously waiting.....
and she's out...2:15 !!
this was after the ENT came in around 3:20....and had to leave again!
HIP HIP HOORAY...notice what they are holding...yippee!!!
it's out, and we're waiting for our paperwork ..ready to go!
Yes, I look worn out....but hey, I"d been up almost 24 hrs.....notice that tired little face and her thumbs up!!!

Silly girl...holding her "orders"..wanting a picture near the mural!

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