Monday, July 14, 2008

Home from "A-Cation"

Paw-Paw and Lauren..not sure who enjoyed it more?

The Thump Queen
"Farm School" at Mangie and Pop's
Giving Mommy a HEART ATTACK!!

After our 11 day "Tour of Texas"...we are home, and trying to get back into the swing of things...Lauren was so excited to be on "a-cation"...
1st stop- June 27-June 29- Luling... Watermelon Thump
2nd stop-June29-June 30- San Antonio
unplanned stop- June 29- ER
June 30-July 7- Ovalo ..Mangie and Pop

Not sure which part of our itinerary got your attention..ER MAYBE?!

Lauren decided to see what it would feel like to cram a small suction cup from a "sticky ball" up her nose....(all while we were trying to order dinner @ 10:30 p.m. in the Whataburger drive-thru) our p.j.s!!

We noticed the Children's ER earlier in the we knew right where to go...Lauren was scared about getting a shot, but was all decked out in her new Ariel nightgown, with matching heels and I said, we were just going to get dinner!! Lucky for me there was a bra in my car...well, I guess lucky for the ER staff.:)

After tweezing, tubing, x-rays and a lot of screaming...NOTHING!! The Dr. told us to watch for it to pass...and to look for green drainage and an odor...YUCK..that could be a sign it was still in we did!!

(And of course, my camera was at the hotel!)

Other than the "nose drama", we had a great time being together and seeing our family! The Watermelon Auction...yes, there really is one....The Grand Champion Melon went for $10,000!!! Isn't that crazy!!! L was so excited to get her picture taken with the "Watermelon Princess"(she's actually the Queen). She LOVED the parade.....and getting some great candy and goodies.....a pack of powdered donuts was her favorite! Getting to visit with Paw-Paw and Char was a treat for us all!:)

We decided to head to the big city (NOT) of Ovalo...we spent the 4th of July with Mangie and Pop...Lauren had fun playing outside, helping her daddy light fireworks(while I freaked out), picking vegetables, riding 4 wheelers....all of that country stuff.:) We took her to an ENT while we were there as well......nothing! We're hoping that the suction cup is gone...but still monitoring! Michael and I went to see "Hancock" at the!! Looking forward to our next visit!

And now we're back....and the crazy days resume.:)

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