Monday, July 21, 2008

and away we go....AGAIN!!

It seems like all we have done is pack, unpack, repack..and go..go...go!!

We spent a fun weekend in The Woodlands. M had a conference to attend, and L and I were able to attend as of charge! We stayed at the Marriott on the reminded us of the San Antonio Riverwalk a bit...but much calmer and quieter! We enjoyed riding on the water taxi(boat), riding the trolley, or as L called it the "green school bus", and strolling around the Market Square area. SSSOOO many neat shops and restaurants.
We met up with some friends Friday night for dinner and let the kiddos play in the fountains afterwards. Saturday evening L played in a different set of fountains...that are set to music and change a mini-Bellagio. After playing in the fountains, we headed back to the hotel and Michael and I put on our bathing suits too..(which is SO against my religion!).....We all had fun playing in the pool until 11:00 p.m....(closing time). Sunday morning we had a special birthday party to attend. Before we headed out, we got to ride the "Rice Krispie-Giselle-school bus"" (trolley). We had lunch at "Johnny Rockets" and stopped in an all chocolate bar...I got a few chocolate dipped strawberries, L chose a pretzel rod dipped in chocolate and rolled in mini m&m's...M had a piece of caramel/chocolate candy......yuummyyy! We made it to the birthday party, and enjoyed a great day at the beach celebrating a very special 1st birthday! Happy Birthday H.M.H!!!

( the pictures are out of order...can't figure out how to switch them around...still trying to get the hang of this whole "blog" thing...remember, you can double click on the pictures if you would like to see them larger)

Sat. night...after the fountains..we were walking back towards our hotel to go swimming..she looked up and said, "Look, that says Marriott like the paper does!"...scary!!
Sun. lunch at Johnny RocketsSun. at H's beach b-day party
Friday night fun with friends
wanting so bad to go swimming on Friday night that she decided she needed to watch tv with her goggles on...she fell asleep in them..YES..we took them off.:)
she said this was like Dr. Banda had(Chiropractor after "Kemah Crash")..we had to rub her back and tummy...crazy girl!!
enjoying the dancing fountains Sat. night
so so cute!!!

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D said...

Okay, what a wonderful spot. You are way above on the techie stuff. These photos of little Miss Lauren are adorable. Love the suction cup stories. Love ya, Auntie Di:-)