Sunday, July 12, 2009

D-D-D-D-D- Dora..LIVE!!

Sun. 7/12
Talk about a dream come true...
L has seen the ad for "Dora Live" for a year it seems.
She would always tell me she "needed" to see it.....every time the little commercial would come on...she would call me in....and it was always in New York, PA, etc...never Houston. SO...when we got the pre-sale email in May....I was so excited to finally be able to take her..
.especially since she "needed" to go.:)
We had a Mommy/Daughter date today...
and it was worth every penny and headache having to get the tickets.....I purchased them in May...and had to pick them up at Will-call...too may snafu's..She was SO excited and involved during the show...too too cute!!! If only they could stay little...and respond to Dora and others forever.....she had the best time!!!

of course she had to have "Dora-duds" to wear...
I found this little sundress at Target awhile back...
and had to get it since it was "Dora colors"......
I knew I wanted to have it embroidered or something..
I never dreamed it would turn out so cute!!
(and the orange bow had her name on it in pink to cute is that?!?!?!?)

If you look to the right on my blog...under "Check these out"
Baby gifts
Jamie is the best!
She has the cutest things EVER on her site....check them out...I PROMISE you won't be disappointed.:) L was SO excited when her dress arrived this week...and even more excited that I told her it was to wear to see "Dora Live!"

K-"Look, you got a package in the it!"
L- "Who is it from?"
K- "I'm not it..and maybe we'll find out!"
L-"DOOORRRAAA...this dress is so cute!!!!! (shrill...shrill...shreek....scream)
L- "I think God sent this to me!"

she wanted to move to the aisle to dance when it was time to dance...I had an aisle it was perfect!

of course...we had to hit the overpriced souvenir stand
She knew exactly what she wanted...Backpack...and Dora!

she wanted Boots and Diego as well...but at $15 each...we passed...I told her 2 things only....and a mini-fit was brewing...but thanks to the lady helping was stopped...She heard me tell L she could only get 2 things...and when the fit was on the brink...she said, "I can only let you buy 2 things!"..whew..thank you!!

ready for the show to begin...

each child was given a little star when they entered...and had to wave them several times throughout the program... L was entertained the whole time!

P.S.- If you are wondering if that is a dirt spot on her's a nice green bruise....that's what happens when a 4 yr old is sent to her room...pitches a fit...flails around and falls off her bed and hits her nightstand....just sayin'!


Cullum Family said...

love the dress and my new bff is SOOO cute! :)

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Cuteness!!! She looks adorable and it looks like she had a great time at the show. I am really anxious for Playhouse Disney now!