Friday, July 3, 2009

Lul*ing Watermelo*n Th*ump 2009

June 27th
(pics out of order)
Order of the day
1. Parade
2. Nap
3. Auction
4. Dinner
5. Swimming
6. Carnival from 10:00 p.m.-midnight
L kept doing her "Kung F*u Pa*nda-Imag*ination Mov*er" moves...still not sure what she was talking about...but, she was entertaining herself while we watched the auction.

the highest bid
and it wasn't even for the Grand Champion Melon..
(yes, there really is a grand champion melon)

2 of my favorite people.:)

Getting ready to watch the auction...
how sweet is this picture?!
after the parade...
.and visiting a bit...
we went back to the hotel for a quick power nap..
.before going back to the auction
This was an awesome float...very bright...and even had music playing.
Towns from all over enter a float...the parade lasted about an hour and a half..and was very pleasant...thanks M for the great spot.:)

whew, she didn't freak about the parade clowns this year.;)

checking it all out

the giant HEB cart...too cute!!

You're never too old to wear white boots and twirl in a parade!!

and they're ready...

cooling off with her water fan...
We actually were pretty "cool" this year.
M had decided he would find a spot..and "man" it so we didn't have to sit in the blistering heat like we normally do...we had a nice shady spot..that we lucked out finding...all around the parade route, people had the same idea....I dropped him off and helped set up the chairs and around 8:40.....then went back ......the parade started at 10:00....and we were pretty shaded the whole, now we know...M is the parade spot holder for next year.:)

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