Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reading Class- CHECK

L's last day of "Reading Class"....she took a course that was once a week....for 5 weeks...each class was from 10:30-11:45. The program is offered through Baylor every summer...and starts at 4 yrs. old. She was in the 4/beginning Kindergarten class. L had fun....and got over a little of her shyness....It made me appreciate how much she does know being in the class and seeing some of the other students. Not to sound like one of those parents, but she already knew the 3 main focus areas that were being taught...might help that her Momma has an education, as far as learning any new we had a great time...and I learned some cute activities that we will continue...

She LOVED her teacher "Mr. B."..and looked forward to working in her workbook..and completing her "homework" every week!
So cute!!!

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