Saturday, July 4, 2009

YIKES..Mommy turns 37!

Mon. 6/29
I truly have to stop and think how old I am at times....but, I'm officially 37!
YIKES...that is just crazy!!
The day started out as usual....hurrying to get L to her first day of swim lessons in Alvin....I was sssooo excited to drop her off and go to No*rma's Bake*ry to treat myself to a Germ*an Chocol*ate Ca*ke Ba*ll...yummy...and, they were closed!! : '(
After lessons, we came home...M and L went to pick up lunch...
and I went to see a movie..
.a grown-up one even...
"My Sister's Keeper"
We went to Jo*e's Cr*ab Sh*ack for dinner....while we were there...L said,
"Daddy, you need to take me to that birthday party store, by where I get my I can get Mommy a card and pinata and plates!"
SO, they did...and L was so excited...M said she was very diligent in what she picked out..and knew exactly what she wanted to get me..
4 balloons...and the specific colors..and even told them the string colors
B*arbie plates and napkins
Cinder*ella cups
Whoo*pie Cu*shion
My L*ittle P*ony Pina*ta and candy
M had picked up a cook*ie cake for me, while I took L to dance...she was so excited to come home and have my party

My big fancy balloon...the outer edge was lined witha pink boa

L put on her "ball gown" for my party

Junior Party Pla*nner


Before we had cake....L had activities planned..
we had to do the limbo...
then "bust" the pinata..
then pull the strings on the pinata
I was so tickled...while L was whopping the pinata...hard...she got M's hand and fingers a few was pretty funny!!
After the games...I had to wait while they lit the candles....then it was time for cake...
My baby did a great job planning my party>:) HHmm..wonder where she has picked up those party planning skills?!!


Cullum Family said...

that is awesome...i hope it was fun...i can't believe we are 37 this year...i still have one month left of 36...YIKES...
btw...did you like My sister's keeper...i saw it this week too...

Anonymous said...

shim is soooo sweet!!!what a great party!!!