Friday, October 2, 2009

all dressed up..and ready to go...

Sun. 9/27
We were getting ready to go out to dinner on Sun...and told L she needed to get dressed...she picked her dress, and did NOT want me to iron it....that should have been a red flag.....She said she needed to get her shoes on and some other things.....It was one battle we did not want to fight...and we figured,those with children would SO understand.....and those without children..would learn in due time!.:)
so, here you have it...
(she actually changed from the red scarf to the watermelon hat on the way to dinner)

let us know when you'd like to take her out for dinner....and we'll let her dress herself .:)

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Cullum Family said...

love it!! how is my bff these days? need to get these girlies together!