Thursday, October 30, 2008

All she wants to do is dance, dance, dance....

NORMALLY, but she chose to chew her nails the whole time!.:)

L has been learning a Halloween tap dance. She has been so excited about it too! The girls were allowed to bring their costumes to put on right before the dance. The parents were invited to come in the last 15 minutes of class to watch the routine..apparently all of the girls had a bit ot stage fright..they all just wanted to look at the audience and smile!>;)

Wed. 10/29/2008


There are 4 girls in L's class...and 2 teachers...she has learned a lot!!

The girls are 3 and 4...and too cute!!

L looked at me during the dance, I motioned for her to take her hands out of her mouth...she grinned, shook her head no, and kept chewing....the teenage years are going to be fun!>:)

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