Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This one is dedicated to the blog stalkers.;) response to my faithful blog followers.......PICTURES....mind you, there are over 1000+ on my camera alone.....not to mention the pictures my mom took...or the 200+ we have that Disney are just a few.....just a little samplin' day, when L is probably 47...I will have the Disney Scrapbook complete...and you are all welcome to see it as well.:) 47 I figure is a good goal...since she is 3 1/2, but I"m still on the C-section pages of her first've got to start somewhere...right?!..Enjoy..we had a blast!! are a few...I will add more tomorrow...can't chase away my stalkers with too many pictures to look through.:)
took my camera out of my was fogged this picture..she was taking it all in!
breakfast with Cinderella...L wanted to buy a music box to take to, we did..and Cinderella was so sweet looking at it and putting special jewels in it...she was so surprised.:)
Mary Poppins
L and M riding Cinderella's Golden Carousel
hammin' it up!

pooped out!!
Annie and Leo..wwoohhoo!!

at the airport...heading to Orlando!
Where's L? at our hotel...
L was so excited about "Mr. JuneBug"...he was the first character she hugged.:)
Pocahontas was the first Princess L saw.:)
On our way to breakfast with the Princesses..(one of our 9 character meals)

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Anonymous said...

Cute! E would die if he saw the huge Buzz Lightyear! Looks like fun! :)kmc