Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy Baaaaaccccccck Wednesday...AND Happy 39th Birthday to Michael!!! baby isn't a baby anymore!!
Mother's Day 2007
(and the only picture we have from Mother's Day..go figure!)

I still see a baby at times when I look at L...but I don't see this baby anymore!;(
Look at those sweet cheeks and hands....those are the things I miss!

NOW.....the big news...

How did that happen? He was 25 when we started dating? Where has the time gone? Both of my babies are getting too old...too fast!!!
Ok, in honor of Michael turning are 39 things I love about him!


1. My soulmate
2. Caring
3. Compassionate
4. Selfless
5. Fun to be with
6. A great sense of humor
7. Handsome
8. A great provider
9. A great listener
10. My best friend
11. Generous
12. A great husband
13. A wonderful father
14. Romantic
15. Huggable
16. Kissable
17. Kind
18. Funny
19. Intelligent
20.Mostly sweet
21. Sometimes sour..but I still love him!>:)
22.Easy going
23. My Hunca Munca
24. Affectionate
25. Empathetic
26. Great laugh
27. Great smile
28. Patient
29. L's Hero
30. makes us laugh
31. loves us unconditionally
32. drumroll ladies...Apologizes..(just may take awhile.:)
33. young at heart
34. honest
35. blunt
36. hard worker
37. devoted to his family
38. my everything..L's too
39..MY husband!!.:)

WHEW..and I could go on..but I"m sure if you made it to the are ready to throw up.:) I am thankful that I have been blessed with such a wonderful husband!. Happy Birthday Michael!!

We love you!!!

K & L


Cullum Family said...

You're both awesome! Make the day great!

Anonymous said...

hApPy BiRtHdAy MiChAeL! Hope you had a fun day!:) kmc