Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jasmine? these pictures are out of order...but I think you get the gist...I got everything set up for us to carve our pumpkin...I knew L was going to be so excited...we have been talking about carving our pumpkin all week.....I cut the top off, she opened it up..........and ran off to play...
"'s too goopy, and I don't want to get goopy do it!"

now I understand the Tim McGraw vs. Indiana Jones pumpkin

L and her "scary face"...just realized...she was wearing her Jasmine t-shirt

RIGHT!! The package said it was as easy as 1,2,3..just start with #1, and carve as you go!! HA!!!

checking out the "goopy" insides


Anonymous said...

I thought it looked just like Jasmine! You do have to look close though. Funny about the insides... we had a similar experience at our house. :) fyi

Cullum Family said...

we never carve pumpkins anymore, just paint them or stick stuff in them because my kids won't touch the goopy stuff either and it just becomes an exercise for me, and I REALLY don't enjoy it at all! :)