Thursday, October 30, 2008


So, our neighbor has an inflatable yard pumpkin...L is so excited when it is up at night! She has developed a little pumpkin envy!
She has been telling us she needs a "PUMP-UP".....not just one night, but several nights...over, and over, and a matter of fact, every time we see a "pump-up" in someones yard.:)
SO, M said to go ahead and pick one up for her today...yes, today..the day before Halloween!!! SO..that was my mission..
Garden Ridge-sold out
Big Lots- only The Headless Horseman..he was creepy
Dollar General-nada
Family Dollar-SCORE!! The Jack-o-Lantern one..:)
Walgreens- Hooray..The ghost!

and, thanks to Aunt Rhonda for calling around Alvin...and meeting up with me(ok, so we had lunch together too) we also have a black cat to add to our collection...we just need to get a power strip or another extension cord...we'll post a picture of that too!
I finally completed my mission around 12:15..came home..set them up...pumped them up...took a deep breath, wiped the sweat off my brow...and realized, yes, you will go to the ends of the earth to make your child's dreams come true.:)
L SCREAMED when she saw, it was all worth it.:) Even the $40 worth of gas used today.:)
MENTAL Christmas "Pump-Ups" this weekend!!
Let's just hope our neighbors don't have a turkey inflatable...


Anonymous said...

cute pimp-ups

Anonymous said...

i meant pump ups!!!!!

Jennifer said...

we have one so be careful if you bring her by...LOL

Karen said...

You're an awesome mom!! That's a great little story.