Thursday, April 16, 2009

MDO Easter Party

(this is out of place..this was after the hunt..waiting for everyone to finish...and waiting to open eggs!)

Thurs. 4/9

L brought the egg/spoon race game for the class to play...they were cute!

getting ready to hunt eggs...each student was asked to bring 6 eggs...filled with candy...the teachers explained to the kids before they went out, they could find as many as they wanted...but they were only going to get to keep 6 of it would be fair...L counted her 6 as she found them, and stopped at was pretty cute!



The Easter Bunny stood outside the playground while the kids had their hunt....the EB knew some would be scared...and they were! But most of the kiddos gave the EB a hug!

time to eat!

L had a great time at her party.:)
I was glad I was able to attend and help out...this was the day I finally felt better..and passed my kidney stone I had been battling all week...yes, another one! no, didn't go to the ER this time....had the pain pills and strainer from Feb....and since we still a have the $$$$ bills from then...had to suck it up at home...thank goodness M came home early on Mon, Tues, and Wed to help I could take my pain pills and sleep....and yes, it is more painful than labor....

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