Monday, April 20, 2009

Family time at the Kemah Boardwalk...

Mon. 4/20
** Have I mentioned that I LOVE my new cell of the features is a camera...I wasn't too impressed with the pictures at first because they all looked blurry to I didn't really use it....M asked me one day how I liked it, told him I didn't....and he said I might like it better if I took the plastic lens protector now..I LOVE it.:) I forgot my camera today...but thanks to my trusty G-1, I was able to capture our memories.:) (did I mention that I LOVE my new cell phone so much..that I went over by 1200 minutes..and my phone bill is $703.03..but tmobile reduced it by $ now I'm down to $603.03,,,have I mentioned I am taking donations..LOL!)
*** M's aunt and uncle are in town visiting. We were supposed to meet them Saturday in Kemah...but, the rain got in the Grand-mere brought them to Kemah today...and L and I met up with them for lunch...then M called..and was able to join us as well....We had a nice visit...lunch at the Flying Dutchman..and ice cream and beignets....we visited for a few hours...then they were headed back to SugarLand....and L reeeaaalllyyy wanted to ride the rides...I think she only asked about 47 times

This was our first post-Ike visit...the carousel is now a double-decker carousel...first time we'd seen one of these
we rode the train...and were all nervous at first...didn't want a repeat of Kemah-crash 2007

who is this 8 year old posing with her Daddy?

L- " I am NOT afraid of tunnels!"

riding the Red Baron ride


so cute!

L was very eager to ride on the "top" part of the carousel

M, Aunt Betty, Grand-mere, Uncle Paul and L

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Kemah crash 2007